I have RRMS. I seem to pick up every virus doing the rounds. Is anyone else the same?

Infections are one the enemies to m.s. With rrms you may be able to have DMD’s, disease modifying drugs, I understand they help to lengthen the remissions and shorten the relapses. Though of course, M.S is never that simple. Infections are the beasts to try to avoid, not easy. You could inform family, friends, colleagues etc that your rrms leaves you vulnerable to a relapse.

Virus’s are so difficult to avoid if you have to mix with people at work and the like. Good luck



I don’t really pick up viruses any more than I did before MS, but I definitely get infections a lot more. This winter’s been pretty tough for viruses though. I know loads of people without MS who have been hit for six with things going round, and I’ve been ill a lot more than normal.