I am currently in a state of shock and panic. Yesterday i went to the doctor because of a dizzy spell that has lasted a few days, i also have slightly funny feeling moving my arms - like its a bit slow. The doctor asked me about any other symptoms i may have had in the recent past - which are… occasional tingling in my face, needing the toilet more than normal, eyesight slightly blurry, poor night time vision. None of these felt serious at the time. but having looked up MS on google for the first time when i got home from the doctors i can see they seem to be all early symptoms. The doctor mentioned needing to eliminate MS among other things so has recommended an MRI next week. Ive pretty much already self-diagnosed myself though.

i am 40 years old and live in S korea, as i have for the last 8 years. I am married to a Korean woman and have 2 very young daughters. MS appears to be very rare in Korea - as are support groups, information, benefits etc. Ive no idea about medical insurance coverage for MS medicine in Korea… (the MRI will cost me about 300 pounds) I teach in a university and do private teaching on the side and make reasonable money although we have no savings to speak of. i am on a rolling one year contract which would likely be terminated at the sign of any serious medical problems. returning to the UK would not be straight forward either as the new spouse visa rules mean id have to find a well paid job in England for 6 months prior to my wife joining me.

My head is spinning and i start crying every time i look at my children.

My mother died from MND 10 years ago which obviously effected everyone in the family very badly. My father is pretty old now and i don’t fancy telling him more bad news.

That pretty much completes my tale of woe.


can anyone say anything a little comforting?

Yes I will say something; YOU HAVE NOT GOT MS; worrying will make anything worse; SO STOP WORRYING.


You are obviously worried so invest the £300 and see what if anything shows up. Your symptoms could be any number of things and in my opinion your Doctor should not have mentioned MS to you in such a cavalier manner. If it does turn out to be MS your life isn’t over, many people me included live with MS for years without it making any impact on our lives at all.

So take a deep breath and try not to worry so much

Jan x

Hi mittheimp,

like Jan and G have said. Your jumping the gun and you should not pre-guess your symptoms.

If everyone looked up their symptoms on Google we would have no need for doctors, and all be going around with god knows what remedies and cures, which you’ll also find on line !!

Have your MRI scan. That might show something, maybe. Other wise there is a longer road to go before you will actually find that it is MS.

There are more conditions to consider, and stressing out will not help you in any way.

I hope all goes well for you, Andy

Agree with above - worrying may make your symptoms much worse. Shouldn’t your doctor rule out the more obvious things first by blood tests? It could be a simple vitamin deficiency, blood sugar etc. I’m quite surprised an MRI scan has been suggested this early on.

Hope you get some answers.