Hi everyone,

i need some advice. My neurologist is off on long term “sick” and won’t be coming back to work. I’ve just got lumbar puncture results and I can’t make head not tail of them. I’m hoping someone can help. The results state:

there were 3 leukocytes seen and the total protein content was normal at 0.3g/L. CSF to plasma glucose ratio was unremarkable.

importantly however, Oligoclonal bands were detected and the IgG index was significantly elevated.

I hsvent seen my neurologist in 9 months now and usually have 3 monthly reviews. Can anyone shed any light on this? Any advice would be much appreciated.

hi danielle

get in touch with the hospital where your neuro was based.

say that you need answers so would like to be passed on to another neuro.

it is terrible practice to leave you floundering on your own like this.

you could make a complaint to PALS - patient advice and liaison service.

or ask your gp to ask the hospital for you.

at the very least you deserve to have your LP results explained to you.

carole x

From reading your last post I can tell we are under the same neurologist am waiting 8 months for the results of my mri the royal sid refer me on to city hospital but the belfast trust cancelled the appointment and reffered to altnagelvin which is a 12month wait for urgent appointments

Thanks I’ve tried getting in touch with the trust but to no avail. I’ve s local MLA working on my behalf to try to get me seen quicker, my gp advised me to do this. I usually have reviews every 3 months, it’s now been 9 months from my last review. I’m at my wits end with it all xx

Hi grandma, I’ve an MLA working on my behalf to try to get me answers from PLA. They responded fairly quickly to her first email and now are ignoring her last 3 emails. I just don’t know what else I can do x

Sorry grandma just seen your reply haven’t been too well lately. An MLA is one of your local elected members to government