Help with injecting - what is the name of?

Hi all, I have been using an auto injector for a while but find it takes it’s toll with lumps and I find i really itch after some injections. I am thinking of taking the plunge and injecting without this, but I know there is something you can slide over the syringe to make it easier to inject but I can’t for the life of me think what it’s called. I had a leaflet from Connections that sold these but I can’t find it now. Can anyone help? Hope this is clear what I am after hard to explain.

Have you tried contacting your supplier and asking them? I think I had some supplied initially with my old auto injector which used proper syringes. I know what you mean, they are like little wing shaped things and they give you something to hold on to while you inject. |I don’t know what they are called either but I’m sure your supplier would be able to provide them at no extra cost as they provide all the sharps bins etc.


Thanks Tracy that is exactly what I mean. I will give them a call and say I want those little wing shaped things

Hi Tracy i did reply but seems my post has disappeared. You are spot on with description, i rang them and they are called wing jets and they are popping some in the post to me. thanks for your help. Sue

OK 3 times I posted a reply and it’s lost it each time Thanks Tracy I rang them and they are called wing jets and some are winging their way to me. Sue

Glad you got it sorted Sue. It seems there is sill a delay in posts being published


I use the wing gadget as when I was practicing found the auto injector clumsy. Glad you have got yours coming.