Help, what's this juddering?

Help, all weekend I’ve been juddering/twitching, I’m sure people can see it but Nigel (my husband) assures me that you cant!! Not sure if he’s just being nice? My balance has been all over the place. Think I might leave it one more day and if I’m like it Tuesday I will ring/email neuro secretary, but just wondered do other people get this. I’ve not had any new systems for a while and not sure what constitutes as ‘new’ and how long to leave it before contacting someone? Thanks Sarah xx

Hello Sarah,

I would suggest you give your neuro’s sec’ a ring or your ms nurse so they know what’s going on. When you say juddering which part of you is doing this? Follow it up so the nurse knows what is going on with you. Hope this helps and good luck.



Hi Sarah,

I’ve been twitching and juddering all weekend too- I’d done too much last week!

For me it’s my body’s way of telling me to rest.

My MS Nurse told me that any new symptoms that last for more than 48 hours could be a relapse so to call her if that happens. Lots of people have been told slightly different things, but I personally find it easy to have something solid and definitive.

If you are worrying at all call your MS nurse or neuro sooner rather than later- worrying can cause I relapse after all!

Sarah xxx

Hi Sarah

I get the twitching/juddering too… am not dx yet though. Please let your neuro or MS nurse know about this, as it is (I think) important to keep them fully aware of your symptoms. Mine were very obvious, although I also get a horrible feeling like I have a tremor inside which isnt visible.

I was put on beta blockers to help stop these, and they mainly work… apart from when I am tired or have done too much. They started working almost immediately too which was great!

Hope you get this sorted Sarah x

Thanks for the advice. I’m going to ring neuro sec tomorrow morning. The juddering has been in arms and legs. Decided I’d wait till tomorrow as then it’s been 72 hrs since it started. It’s not constant but have also been very wobbly and I ache and brn from head to toe tonight. And my ankles are really swollen. I kept Nig awake alot last night as was extremely restless. Thanks all Sarah xx