Help us to improve one of our publications for MS'ers

Hi all

Jude from the Society’s publications team has been on and wants to know if any of you would be willing to help her out with one of our support publications. She writes:

"I’m looking for some people with MS – or their partners – to give their opinions on the new edition of our publication: Essentials 12: Sex, intimacy and relationships.

"Some people have said that the existing edition is too clinical and too focused on ‘dysfunction’. So with this new edition we’ve tried to look at the emotional as well as physical aspects of sexual difficulties and MS, and offer some answers – basically treating people with MS as full sexual beings. I’m now really keen to find out if we’ve succeeded in our aims.

“I’m also looking for some personal experiences to help bring the publication to life. If anyone has been affected by any of the issues covered in the booklet, and would be willing to share their experiences (what problems you’ve had and how you’ve dealt with them, what worked and what didn’t – that sort of thing) I’d love to hear from them.”

You can get hold of her by emailing [](mailto: or reply here.

Greg [admin]

Ok, you supply the woman and I will write a full report (non smoker preferred).

*giggle giggle!

Naughty man!

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