Help !! Serious am dram moment.

Hi So 6 months after start of last relapse and 4 months after diagnosis, since when things have pretty much stayed the same but all sensory / numbness have been on right side of body, I am slightly concerned that, over the course of this morning, starting in my little finger, three of the fingers on my LEFT hand are going numb. Yikes !! What to do please ? I thought because only my right side had been affected, this is how it would stay ? Xx

Well that sucks :frowning: What to do… Not a lot I’m afraid. I’d say see how it goes over the weekend. If it stays and/or develops, then call your MS nurse on Monday morning. All she/he can offer is steroids, but they’re really best reserved for major relapses. It’s worth getting it “on the record” anyway though. There’s a good chance this is a reaction to all the stress of starting a DMD. It might just be a wee blip and fizzle out soon, but make sure and REST. Get that fab husband of yours to run around after you for a few days and do NOTHING! (Eating chocolate is, of course, mandatory.) There’s also a chance that you have a UTI or a virus which has set off a pseudo-relapse so it would be worthwhile getting a UTI check at least. They can be asymptomatic so get checked even if you have none of the usual signs. I really hope it turns out to be nothing. Karen x

Ok. Thanks karen…actually I have been peeing even more than usual, takes a while to get started and it absolutely stinks quite strongly. I am sure that’s too much info but hey…we’re all in this together…might as well be honest !! Just told hubby about resting and eating chocolate and bless him, he immediately produced a blankie and a bar of aero orange which he’d picked up earlier. Where would I be…??? Xx

Fingers crossed for a UTI then! (Which is a ridiculous thing to say, but you know what I mean!)

Your hubby is a gem, but Aero ORANGE? Yuck! Give me mint every time :slight_smile:


I’m a sucker for anything that’s chocolate orange…matchmakers, frys orange, aero orange and roses orange creams in that order !! Or anything really, if I’m honest !! Xx

Catherine, As a frequent flyer as far as UTIs are concerned - that sounds like a certainty for a UTI. The stinky smell is a dead giveaway! You may find that a course of antibiotics sorts out the numb fingers on the left as UTIs can play havoc with your MS. Don’t leave it though - see the GP asap as you can go downhill very fast with a UTI. Hope this will solve your problem - keep us posted! Keep consuming that choccie - it’ll help! Teresa xx

Orange or Mint ? theres a toughie ! its about time they made a toffee or caramel one ! F. xx

Thanks, Teresa. I will ring surgery in the morning. Am definitely getting hot and sweaty for no reason, more than usual. Out of interest, why are people with MS more susceptible to UIT’s ? Xx

Ooh, fluffy, have you tried the new kitkat’s ?? The fudge brownie one is particularly “Harry met Sally moment” !!!

not yet, you have definately got me all perked up now. lve just been upall night on line, a sugar rush would be lovely !! lets hope it doesnt go straight onto me luv handles. the chips are playin havoc atm ! be like the back of a bus soon !

I am already !! But hey, buses are attractive in their own way and damned useful !! I always say, I’m built for comfort, not speed !! Xx

Harry and Sally moment aye ? mmmm chocolate mmmmm you call me harry Mrs H

Fudge brownie kit kats duly added to shopping list…

Re UTIs: it’s usually due to retention / not emptying bladders properly I think. Kx

good to see you k xx