Hey Guys,

Can you plzzzzzz help. I have had 4 relapses before over the years (well significant onces) and am currently going through one now…

I am in SO much pain… the usual meds and lots of sativex (way more than i should) as well as the weeeeed is not helping. Have you ever been to A and E with a relapse?

Who here has bee given morpheine or another pain killer to help while in hospital?

I am always so reluctant to go to A and E as my partner says I am better off at home (Whether or not to save him a trip to the hospital). The pain is immense and my body has seized up. I am at my wits end…plz help.

Hi Anon, I personally would go to A &E. if nine of your meds are working, they might be able to give you something to help you get the pain managed adequately. Sometimes being at home with all the stress and strain doesn’t help as you don’t rest properly, stressing out and exacerbating the symptoms further. Maybe a few days in hospital resting are just what you need. I know at times I have been tempted myself by a few days rest, meals on tap and no one asking if such and such a thing is washed ironed etc Hope this helps. Sending hugs xxx

hHHhahahah Thanks. And thank for the hugs. Hugs back!

This is true, but I am always put alongside mental cases. Last time a woman kept me up for days yelling at me at random (middle of the night/early morning) hours ‘What is the time’ and accusing me of stealing her pee…awesome.

If it gets worse I am going. Morpheine should kill it. And you are right, having a catheter and a bed that moves up and down so I don’t have to may just work…


I think it’s for the best. Hope you feel much better and soon xxx

Ps, let us know how you go on xxx