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Im 17 years old male who recently was given a “likely diagnosis” of Ms. I was experiencing tingling all over my body. I was admitted to hospital and was given a number of tests. My blood test was fine as was my lumbar puncture, although my CT and MRI scan showed i had Brain lesions and a lesion at the top of my spine. I also was told i had bad balance and cooordination. I want help to ask if these symptoms could be something else and if i could have Lesions without ms. My career is on the line and if i was diagnosed properley i would lose my job.

Any help would help massively.


Hey Tyler, in addition to chatting to people here, it might be an idea to call our helpline to talk about this, if you haven’t already. It’s free 0808 800 8000.

Stewart (admin)

hi tyler

ask your gp for a referral to physiotherapy, better if it is a neuro physio.

get your vit D and B12 levels tested because these can cause all sorts of problems.

tingling was my first symptom and a locum gp prescribed thiamine tablets.

these actually worked and the tingling went away, although its now back and here to stay.

thiamine is one of the B vitamins so a Vitamin B complex would help.

for your balance and co-ordination - try a Wii fit with balance board,

it shows you where your posture is wrong and so you can work on rectifying it.

good luck and i hope it’s just a blip for you.

carole x

Hi Carole,

Thanks for your advice. Is it likely i will have MS with the symptoms and the lesions i have?


who knows if it is ms?

its a tricky one to diagnose.

did the neuro say if he/she would be seeing you again?

keep your gp informed of any changes in your condiition so that yor medical records will show it.

meanwhile - you have a life to live, so get on with it!

what is your career? is your employer a big organisation?

remember that if you get a diagnosis of ms, you will be covered by the disability discrimination laws.

good luck

carole x

Hi Tyler

I am sorry to hear your news. i can’t offer any advice as i am in a similar place, but from talking on here i would suggest that you:

  1. don’t make any rushed decisions, or let anyone rush you into a decision

  2. speak honestly to your doctor about your concerns- if they are any good they will listen to you. if not, speak to another

  3. get in touch with your MS nurse and ask for advice

  4. don’t think your career is over- employers have to accommodate reasonable needs by law

  5. wait for your diagnosis before making any plans

  6. communicate with friends and loved ones- they will want to help, and let them help you

  7. stay in contact with the MS society and use the forums. i have spoken to many wonderful and intelligent people on here who have excellent advice, are warm and approachable.

whatever else, DON’T GIVE UP. you are a young man and have a lot to look forward to, with or without MS.

take care, all the best, fluffyollie

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Thankyou for the advice guys really does mean alot. My career is a member of the British Army so if i get a full diagnosis then my career is massively on the line. I have an appointment on the 1st September with two MS experts at the local Neuro clinic. Thats the one thing staying in my head, i have experienced dizziness, blurred and double vision in my right eye, balance and coordination problems where its made me feel like im drunk and tingling for 2 weeks which is yet still tingling. Im just thinking that even though they found lesions and my syprtoms were severe could this be something else? This keeps staying in my head and makes me thing about my diagnosis.

Also having a negative lumbar pucture

i am sorry to hear that as it must be getting you down. i would suggest that you do the same as me, and hold fire for the diagnosis itself before thinking too negatively. even if your diagnosis is positive for MS, you will get lots of advice as to what you can do within the arrmed forces- please try to be positive as this will really help a lot. As said, there are a lot of knowledgable people on this site who will know a lot more than i do, and being stuck in diagnosis limbo is frightening and frustrating, but please don’t suffer in silence. you have a lot to offer mate, please keep that in mind :0)

Thanks alot fluffyollie means alot

you’re totally welcome! i have been (and probably will be again) in a real pit of despair, but the many lovely people who i have spoken to on here have helped a lot. also, the MS line is great too. got everything crossed for you mate!

Sorry to hear that mate. Does it affect your job also?

very likely- i am a teacher and am due to start a new job in september which is 12 miles from where i live. currently the screen is jumping as i type due to dizziness. i can’t walk straight let alone drive a car. after tuesday (my next neuro appointment) i will have a greater idea as to what i can do, but its all up in the air atm and quite scary as i have a famly to suppot… never mind, we alll have to thnk positively!

Thats right mate. Praying for both are careers!

First of all Tyler, big hugs to you. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve got this worry when you’re so young. On the bright side of all the palaver you’re going through, you’ve got brilliant health availability. I remember when my son was in the forces, if there’s something wrong, they don’t mess you about, they get it sorted. So I’m hoping you won’t have to wait ages. The sooner you know, the better. If it is MSor another Neuro condition they can get you on treatment and stop any further damage, or at least limit it. On the other hand, this may not be MS or anything serious, which I’m hoping it isn’t, and something they can treat and get sorted soon. Keep strong, as you must be already if you’re in the forces( takes a strong person to get in there!) and anytime you need to chat, we are all here. Keep us up to date xx

very true mate, but don’t lose faith, esp after beverly’s advice above re military treatment- all employers have a duty of fairness and care, and if they are reputable they will want to help you. i should also be ok as i am a union member who should fight my corner

how are things today?