Help please

Hi all, my name is jonathan I need some help and advice please, for the last 11 years I was diagnosed epileptic but was only taking arm and leg tremors they sent me for a ct witch came back normal but last year my go said it could be Tia’s how ever I have outer symptoms that just don’t match his diagnosis and are much more lime ms, I have constant arm pain I am tired all the time, I get confused and frustrated I have mood swings and have mussel spasms in my face belly legs and arms I forget things easily I even forget how to say words properly, sometimes I can not go to the loo on time I forget how to right and sometimes I know a word I want to say but I just carnt get it out, I also have mood swings and can get angry for no reason, how can I get my gp to listen to me and test for ms? Has any one else had problems of Mis diagnosis am I right to be conserned and am I right in thinking that this is much more like ms than Tia’s or epilepsy? Or am I just over researching this? Thanks written by Emma Jonathan’s wife as he kept getting upset wrighting this

Hi Jonathan and Emma, Have you already seen your GP about your symptoms? It’s best not to mention MS to him or the fact you’ve been googling your symptoms - the internet can be the bane of Doctors working lives when patients arrive with a diagnosis already planted in their mind. It’s also worth you knowing that there are lots of things which can mimic ms type symptoms and these would all need to be ruled out. The very best thing you can do is to make an appt to see your GP first and foremost, take Emma with you (it’s helpful to have someone else in the room with you); write up a short and concise list of your symptoms and go through them with your GP. In my opinion your symptoms definitely warrant further investigation. Keep in mind that it may be a while before you get to the bottom of what’s going on but please don’t let that put you off going, clearly you need some help. I hope that helps. Good luck and let us know how you get on. Debbie xx

Hi Debbie, just returned from the gp and he’s sending me for blood tests and a lumbar puncture test he’s not able to do a MRI as I have a lot of mettle in my body, however the consultant he called says the symptoms I have sound very much like stage 4 rrms? Although I am not sure what that all means. So a step in the right direction anyway so relieved that I am getting herd now! Also getting referred to speech theropy to try to help with the words I am not able to get out any more and he says he can refer me to a counciler too to try to help with the mood issues caused by frustration I am looking forward to getting the tests done so I can finally get some kind of closure as I thought I was going mad! I am so glad that there are forums like this that I can use and vent on with such understanding people :slight_smile: thanks so much

I have found out what the stage 4 bit means its the amount of symptoms showing at the time of visit and they apparently use this scale on 0-10 :slight_smile:

Hi Jonathan, I know you’ll know what I mean when I say that’s great news! Clearly you put yourself across really well to your GP - who sounds very proactive. It can be frustrating going through tests but it’s a needs must. Most people find the LP isn’t as bad as they thought it’d be - myself included. What I do suggest is you rest afterwards (try to stay flat) and drink lots of water and caffeinated drinks, taking paracetamol if needs be - it helps to avoid the monster headache afterwards. If you have a look at ‘What is MS’ at the top of the screen, it has a section on tests which are often performed, you may find it useful. The main thing is of course, you’re now ‘in the system’ (so to speak). As you’ve just found out, there is help available even without a formal diagnosis of any kind. Let us know how you get on and don’t forget to yell if you have any questions or want to let off a bit of steam - we all understand what you’re going through. Mail me anytime. Debbie xx