Help please with motivation, depression

Hi everyone, hope all of you are ok. Please forgive the anon, I am sure you will understand.

I suffer from depression and the doctors have changed my tablets, yet again! I don’t think they are helping as well as the old ones, I need to see the doctor. I just don’t see the point in anything at the moment. I just want to stay in bed. I suffer badly from fatigue but I know it is not helped by the depression.

I need to lose about two stone in weight. I managed to get a stone off, then went into hosp for 3 infusions of steriods and put half of it back on. I have now lost all incentive. I just feel whats the point?

I can’t get motivated in anything. I know that the depression is hovering over my head, if I am not careful I will be in that dark tunnel again, whichh is a horrible place to be. I have so much to do at the moment and each day I put it off. I would rather stay in bed. Until yesterday I had not cleaned my teeth for five days (sorry!) just could not be bothered. As for showering and washing my hair, still have not got round to that. I need help to get my motivation back, I used to be so good.


Well, as you can see, Anon did not work!!! Don’t know what I did wrong!!! Well, now you all know my secret but I am sure you will understand.

No, it did! If you look at your post, it’ll say ‘anon’ in brackets where your name shows up. Your secret is safe.

I know how you are feeling. I wish I could help, except to write that it helps to try one thing that is different from your usual routine - however small. You may be thinking, what’s the point? If I don’t do anything, then who’ll notice?

Is there anyone you can email - like an online counsellor or a forum for depression with a helpline? Just talking to someone may be a start.

I don’t do this much but here’s a (((hug))). It’s not much, but someone out there is thinking about you.


Hi anon, your post is anon to everyone else, your name comes up after anon, but only to you, no one else sees your name,this happened to me, when i did the same,i posted anon to spare my families feelings, so dont worry you are anon,

I am going thru just the same as you i have been in a relapse for 6 months now, and i have lost my fight,one of my good buddies had a ‘talk’ to me, and i feel a bit stronger now, i help myself by telling myself off in the mirror and telling the ms to b****r off and that i WILL NOT give in it does help, i tell myself that my 2 grown up kids need their mum around, i have just upped my anti depressants so hope they will kick in soon, if you felt better on your other ones, then insist you go back on them.

jaki xx

Hi Anon,

Sorry to hear about your struggles at the moment.

Speaking from a counsellors point of view, and as it is my profession, it may be a good idea for you to consider speaking to a counsellor, whether that be face to face, telephone, or online.

By sharing your thoughts in a safe and confidental manner will enable you to make sense of your feelings at this time.

Much love


Hi Anon,

I have posted this before so sorry if I sound like the old Auntie who tells the same stories over and over!

I have a 10 minute system. It works for both depression and fatigue (and the two do seem to be dance partners)

Whatever you do – do it for just 10 minutes. It’s often impossible to get motivated to tackle outstanding jobs but if you just tell yourself you will just do 10 minutes it doesn’t seem so bad. Be strict. Set a timer and stop when it pings. You might feel that you won’t get anything much done in 10 minutes but in less than a week that’s an hour and it’s an hour more than lying in bed.

10 minutes is not much more than doing nothing, but it’s NOT doing nothing – it’s making a start. I always get a real sense of wellbeing when I’ve done 10 minutes of a job I really don’t want (or can’t be bothered) to do.

This little trick will help you with the things you have looming over you but I agree with the others that a councilor is the way forward to get yourself on track again.


Just a thought, Anon, but do you have a carer? I have MS+ depression and find it very difficult to get motivated to do anything ,including washing, hair-washing and dressing. However, I have a Social Services carer who comes twice a week specifically to get me into the bath, with the help of my bath-lift, and wash my hair, so I know that, whatever else happens, I shall be clean. Without her visits, I probably shouldn’t bother. I wish you well. MS+depression is a horrible mixture. B. x

Thank youso much to everyone who responded. I will definately try the 10 minute exercise.n I can feel myself slipping into the dark tunnel and it is a horrid place to be. Hope I can find some ladders to climb back out again!

Speak soon. Enjoy your day everyone.

Why not speak everyday, not only does that mean you have encouraged yourself to do something you will get immediate support and a helping hand along the way.

Keep fighting and you will find a way through the fog.

Your cyber army will help every step of the way.


Good morning Anon, Sorry to hear what you are going through, my husband has MS and he, especially the last year has been difficult he often wants to hide and has mentioned slipping into darkness. It is difficult to get him out and meeting friends. Have you tried affirmations which you repeat for a few minutes to yourself. It could be : I am loved, or I am strong and the darkness has no power over me. It can be anything positive, write it down, read it aloud in front of the mirror anything to reinforce the positive. Or think of nice things favourite place, sunny days etc… As for the fatigue I agree with Wendels 10 minute system - little steps, sweetheart.

Hi Anon,

I just wanted to say good morning too.

I think the pain and weakness put us in a lonely place and it is sometimes so dark I agree.

Our loved ones can’t be with us all the time, for them life continues but I do agree this is a caring community where as soon as you log on there is normally someone who has some kind of understanding.

When you picture the ladders, they are fixed to the side of the tunnel all the time…you just need to have the strength to get your feet on that first rung.

Lots of love Gillian

Hi Anon I appriciate where you are coming from and the old dark tunnel makes it’s visits when you are at your lowest.

I am a bit like this at the moment went and had a coffee with old friends on tuesday that i see occasionally they know i have MS ad now use a stick, so why meet in starbucks at the top floor and the furthest away from the stairs, basically i was shattered after it and it sent me straight into the tunnel. But gillian is right small steps can help you get out of that tunnel i appricaiate your weight gain but I have found an option that helps and this is swimming I don’t think i have lost weight however clothes are sitting more comfortably so maybe the small amount of swimming that i am doing is making a difference, but i would say the biggest reward is that i have met some really lovely people who are happy to chat and laugh at life as they have said to me we all have ailments so we support one another today a guy joined us a little younger than mysef , i found out he had just lost his wife but you could see everyone chating to him and jearing him on as he endevourered to swim as he now is on a mission to lose weight , obviously gained as he coped with the sudden loss of his wife. He left the pool smiling and I though another good job done by the folk that visit the pool in the morning. I guess what i am saying is try and stick with folk that ‘get it’ rather than the ones that don’t see what is staring them in the face, I know i am now on a mission to do this so that the tunnel doesn’t come a calling to often.

take care

You are a brilliant lot. You make me feel humble.


Hi Anon, You try the 10mins, and do slow small steps at a time.You will get out of bed and shower just take your time and you will get there. It is awful and depressing but you will get there. Talk to us on here, and also try counselling. I found talking to the samaritians very helpful.

You take care and we are all here for each other.

Jan xxxx

Hiya anon,

How is today? Is it a good day?

We are all still here,and any tiny step is one in the right direction.

Thinking of you


Hey Pip…well done for bumping the thread, I’m so fatigued I feel half cut and I’ve been going round in circles trying to find this thread for about 30 minutes to say

“Hi Anon…how is it today?” Also still thinking of you, from Gillian

Hi me again,

Yes I am trying to do as you all say. Even had a shower and washed my hair today, thanks to you lot!! Feel a lot better having done that.

Gillian, thank you so much for spending so much trying to find me. I am here. Holding onto the ladders. This swine, depression, it is an awful thing. Taking one day at a time, like you say.

PS How do you bump something? I understand that you mean to keep it at the top of the page (?) but how do you do it? I am not very computer literate!

Keep safe all


No I’m not particularly pc lierate either

Bumping is when you respond to an earlier post to get it back to the top pf the agenda

People are very caring here


Hi Anon, if you look at your original post and press the button ‘Add to favourites’ it should come up on the right hand side of your prsonal homepage and you can set it up to email you when someone has replied. Makes things a bit easier for us to find.

So glad you are feeling a bit better today hun.

Mags xx

Hi Anon

How’re you doing? Keep checking in with us. Hugs