Help please... I'm looking for Kelly from Bedfordshire.

Hi all,

I hope I’m okay to post in here. I was recently admitted to Bedford hospital with a number of problems, main one being loss of feeling down my right side. I had a brain MRI which showed no lesions… They diagnosed me with severe migraines which cause temporary paralysis. Anyway… I was in a bed next to the loveliest lady called Kelly who is from Bedfordshire. I believe she is on here and I wanted to see how she is doing now.

Thank you for your help

Emma x

Think there is a member called Kelly jelly belly, or something like that.

anyway it’s a bump if nothing else .

hope you find her, and hope you’re doing ok.


Nice to know my name has stuck in some heads unfortunately I’m in County Durham - but I am a nice lady anyway (well mostly nice - on a good day - after chocolate - and perhaps alcohol)

I hope you find her soon

JBK xx

Thank you for replying. Really hoping I can find her here

Emma x

Emma, there are a few ms websites out there.

hope you find your new friend

Tilly xx

Sure theres a kelly in newly diagnoised forum, maybe post there