Help please, Employment review meeting stage 3 arranged


hope I can get some help from you wise owls out there as a little fearful of the meeting that has been arranged for next week for a stage 3 review meeting. I spoke to my Union who confirmed within the first sentance of our conversation that they are coming to terminate my contract because they cant make reasonable adjustments to enable me to continue in my current role and no suitable alternative role can be found for me. I am currently on prolonged sickness and coming to the end of my sickness pay in the middle of July.


If they have tried ALL POSSSIBLE ‘reasonable adjustments’ there must come a time when they say enough. Now your Union should be pushing for a retirement package. If you have a pension scheme paid or unpaid there is probably an early retirement clause.

Phone these people tomorrow who will advise you better as you will be able to tell them everything

Good luck.


Hi, I’m sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time. If they cannot make reasonable adjustments for you are they thinking of letting you go through ill health retirement, as it would be unlikely that another employer could do what your present employer can’t do? Are you on a continuing contract or on a fixed term contract as that might make a difference. They cannot terminate your employment through disability alone and they need to show that they have done everything possible to ensure reasonable adustments are in place. They cannot simply terminate your employment and if they do then you have a tribuneral case. Have they discussed early retirement on ill health grounds as this might be the best bet for you?

Get back in touch with your union and ask them if they have discussed ill health retirement.

((((Hugs)))) Mary

thanks for the tips and I will call the people you have recommended George. My contract is open ended and I asked about my pension and they said I need to contact the pension department seperately as the decision to pay my pension early is a completely separate decision from that of haveing my contract terminated under the ill health capability procedure. I am not diagnosed, so I only have symptoms of MS along with AF and past history of TIA. Our Union is not seperate from the company and they seem to be working closely with HR. I asked the Union case worker what she could do for me at the meeting and she said it was to make sure everything was legal. Things don’t seem to gel with me. What do you think?

Hi Medion,

Fair enough your pension is separate from your company but it is not separate to your contract of employment.

Another free Government run origination is TPAS contact them about is this right as too be honest I have my reservations about the info given by your Union.

Also there is Access to Work to make sure they have tried all possible adjustments



Exactly the same thing happened to me.

I was off sick for almost a year. Adjustments had already been made but because the ON was so bad and I was a med sec there was nothing more they could do.

I got really upset as HR said that they would have to terminte my employment and I would then be able to go down the ill health retirement route. I started the process before the termination but it wasn’t half as painful as I thought and ill health retirement was agreed.

Make sure you have someone with you at the meeting to act as your witness.

Hope the meeting goes well and you get what you deserve out of it.

Take care.

Shazzie xxx


Exactly the same thing happened to me.

I was off work for almost a year and was called in to have my contract terminated as all reasonable adjustments had been made and because I was a med sec and my ON was terrible I couldn’t do the work and they couldn’t offer any adjustments to help. I was then offered ill health retirement.

Hope you get the result you deserve. Oh and make sure you take a witness with you to the meeting.

Tace care.

Shazzie xx

thanks all of you for your help, I will be doing alot of reading tomorrow and calling a few numbers to find out if things are what the seem.

‘Fair enough your pension is separate from your company but it is not separate to your contract of employment.’

Good point George I will keep this in mind.