Help Please do I have MS - I do know what way to turn feel I am being fobbed off by GP

Hi ,I hope someone can help me as I am at the end of my fever and feeling absolutely awful …shortly after giving birth to my fourth child I was experiencing tingling feeling in my right shoulder that has been going on for nearly two years now,when this started I was also getting muscle jerks in my hands ,arms and legs.Also Within my first thirty of sleep I wake up most nights in a panic like a choking feeling with no sweats .When I visited my GP I was told it’s anxiety because I hold down a full time job with four children and have a very busy lifestyle.They sent me for a sleep study which was all fine because I didn’t actually fill in to a deep sleep as I was in hospital had they sent me home with the machine they would have had a true picture of my sleep pattern .I was also sent for a MRI scan that came back with white spots and a cyst that they felt was not causing any of my symptoms and again put my symptoms down to stress as at the time my husband was working a way at the time.Also the skin on the tops of both arms hurts to touch and if someone as to poke my arm the pain is unbelievable.

The panic at night has continued along with the tingling and muscle jerks however the jerks have become a lot less over the last six months.In October I woke in the night with a pain in the middle of my back going though to my stomach,The pain was so intense and after a variety of blood tests and different drugs they believed this to be gastro-enteritis.The pain did not return until the first week in December I have had pain in the middle of my back at bra level radiating over to both sides of my back mainly the right side along with the pins and needles.I also get a excited\breathless feeling in the back of my neck and top of my stomach.I wake up most morning with pins and needles in both hands and they are sometimes clenched .My hole body aches even down to my joints in my fingers .

i have also had about five feelings like I am being squeezed so tight like my bra is to tight which then makes me panic.I also have a numb small left finger more often than not.

Since Christmas I have seen my GP four times and they have sent me for various blood tests that have all come back fine and have now decided that it is muscular and prescribed Dizapan to ease this and referred me for physio therapy that I start on Monday I have also visited A&E twice as the symptoms have been so bad It’s affecting my life.

I started a new job three weeks ago and have had three days off as I am so tired and drained .

Do you think it’s MS ??

Hi! I am newly diagnosed and it took me just over a year to get seen as they wouldn’t even look at me until I had 2 episodes to go give me an mri. Ms have lots of different symptoms, so it’s hard go tell sometimes. Even if it isn’t ms if you feel in yourself something isn’t right I would keep going back to the doctors maybe there are other tests you can have Amy x

Kerry, clearly something is wrong. As you are posing here it sugests you have concluded ‘ms’ , but only a nearlologist, after lots of tests can come to any Dignoses.

So from reading you post, their is clearly ‘something’ wrong. Be kind to your self. Please don’t self Dignose.

Yes, you are not ok & yes something is going on, but… Leave it to the experts, we all here know it takes too long, but , until you have real answers please don’t second guess. Lots & lots of things cause ms type symptoms.

Big hugs & I truly hope your symptoms are caused by something ‘fixable’. In the mean time, please…except that without any ‘labels’ you can still be kind to your self & ask for help!

big big hugs

I’m going through the same issues. My body is screaming ms. Severe pins and needles, prickly heat, itching, dizziness, severe headaches,gastritis, pain etc. I know stress and anxiety can reek havoc but everyday should not be a battle. Hope you get to the bottom of your issues x