help me ? :(

hi i would really love some help because im scared and confused ? im 40 years old and what it is in 2000 i slipped a disc after lifting something heavy. And 6 months later, I had to have a operation because the pain was unbearable, but after i was in lots off pain and i was put on morphine and loads off other drugs, then i got an infection and was on intrevenous anibiotics and thought everything would be fine after that but no, i had really bad scar tissue from the operation and then things went from bad to worse and now i cant walk without crutches and i have to use a wheel chair. and in 2000 my sister who is 2 years younger than me was diagnosed with ms which was a complete shock. that was 15 years ago. And my bother who is 4 years younger than me and just been diagnosed with the first stages of ms, but the thing is sometimes when i look down i get this electric current going down the back of my neck and i am in pain daily but as got a lot worse recently i have just put it down to my disability, but my family have said to me to get tested for ms and i looked up some of the signs of ms and i am worried, but are my chances even more higher if both of my sibling have ms or does that not matter i would really appreciate anybody who could help me with any advice x

The electric shock you get coul be Lhermitte’s sign

and having family with MS

might be worth getting checked out just to be sure the problems you are having are MS or not

hi tink

i should think that because your family history of ms is there, that you should have been tested for ms.

speak to your gp about it and ask to be referred to neurology.

although ms isn’t good news at least you’d have a name for it and access to medication.

carole x

Hi tink

Genetics are thought to play a significant role in determining why some people develop MS. The risk is said to be potentially higher in families that have several family members with the disease.

I would want to be tested if I was you but the decision of course is yours to make. It must be a very worrying time for you and your family.

Take care x

Hi, I think you have to get this checked out if only for your peace of mind. With your family history and your symtoms this is going to play on your mind. It may be all down to your back/disc problems and if so no harm done.

however if it is Ms the earlier you catch it the better when it comes to medication to help preventing progression.

good luck,

ann x

Yes, I’d agree with all the comments you’ve had, definitely worth a visit to your GP to ask for a referral to see a neuro. Much better to know what it might be, rather than keep worrying.

Good luck

Rosina x

ive have another question, does ms give you hoarse voice? my voice is terrible?



Hello Tina

I haven’t noticed a change in my voice but we are all different.

I’m 59 and I do think the voice along with everything else, naturally changes as one gets older.


your GP would refer you to a Neuro, GPs cannot diagnose MS (no matter what they say, even if they know a lot about MS). The Neuro will perform simple test like your reflexes, blood work, (lots in my case), possibly vision tests and order and MRI etc. Unfortunately it is often not a quick road to diagnoses, but sometimes a person is quickly diagnosed, took less then 6 months for me to get diagnosed.

i’m 57 and my voice has gone really deep.

i could be the whisky and cigarettes or maybe … (sorry but the comment i was going to put could be construed as offensive although it wasn’t meant to be).

time i logged off methinks


It will be good to catch up when you’ve seen the neuro Tina, or before even. Whenever you need to chat.

I wonder what Carole was going to say lol