help me please

I am 36, female. I had extreme prickly heat and blisters when i went in the sun, it carried on I only seemed to get warm and the rash would come I had bells palsy at 15 and 16, raised lymph nodes continuoisly. I have a tight around my ribs it hurts to breath I dont want to, gallbladder removed for stones no stones found -diagnosed as tetzes I will grow out of it? It continues to this day,I caant tell when its going to happen or how long the pain will last and what I can do, weird blood results - seen haematologist didnt know why white cells raised but doesn’t know where infection was no further treatment. had baby nearly died, 4 days after my c sescion my temp went up,Headache I couldn’t have it light, wanted my eyes shut, had rigors temp hit 39.9 had lumber puncture for menningtis woke up on xmAs morning in a room with 3 fans, windows open a sheet and dithering. I had 4 pints of blood still felt really bad. Treated as if I had meningitis even tho results came back negative? I got home on 31st dec on antibiotics for 4 weeks.Dont know what infection was? I was out one day and came out in this mad rash all over like tiny blisters they burnt an itched, I went to a and e they said allergic reaction to something. had to go to a and e a few years ago Headache couldn’t see 1 day couldn’t open eyes, when I did and closed them again I thought I had blinked but 2 hours had past I thought I had brain tumour gp out of hours gave me prednisilone 50mg for 5 days. I was told its a cluster headache. my speech slurs sometimes just in little bits I say my words the wrong way round ie: get car out of bag, cable and thair but thats how I can sometimes say things. I lost control of my bodily functions for the day 7 months after my mu m died, gp said stress, I have had pleursy, I have a feeling that my bones are cold and wet and made of concrete only sometimes though for certain periods ie had it for 7 months now gone again. but other sensations remain such as electricity in my spine like a mad tingle but feels like it through every fibre in my back and their moving - my gp looked at me like I’m loon.My back went I couldn’t move, the it wwent after 6 days my gp sent me for an mri 4 weeks later, as they were hlping me up, I have real probems getting up if I’m on my back. I got this sensation of hot fluid bursting in the lower part of my back, it showed a slight curve bone density has shown I have osteoseporis or something like that. Bet you wouldn’t think Ive done my nurse training hey! sex isn’t the same it feels different,some parts of me are numb inside like I cant make it for a wee in time, my body wont do as it should ie left leg right leg, my right one only works when it wants to, like I get pins and needles but I have to drag my right foot happens for longer periods at the minute, I feel really emotional. I have pain in my lower spine, my gp said its from scar tissue, somedays I cant walk properly with the pain. My temp can go up for a period of say 6 weeks just in the evening like I cant control it and only for a few hours next day fine all day then evening time just so cold. Find it hard to see sometimes I get mad floatybits and like right eye is a bit covered, struggle to remember things, really bad sometimes, I can come out in a rash of a night time but its gone by morning, struggle to swallow like i had lump in throat had scan, all clear slightly raised node? urning sensation on the soles of my feet, cant sleep, pain in head, I spoke to my best friend about all of this and a few other things as I think I’m going mad she told me to get to gp explain things and say you think it could be ms. I did she scoffed at me, Maybe it could be fibromyalgia or me but definatly not ms. SEnt to see rheumatologist they said fibromyalgia after touching my body in places. I dont think it is I know its debilitating but something is telling me differently. I have pain in some of my joints but none are swollen my right leg feels wobbly, sometimes I feel like I am going to stumble. I feel like I’m going mad and I am getting to the point of having enough. Im depressed yes because something isn’t right and noone will help me. They gave me celebrex, pregagblelin, mr tramadol, omeprazole and migraleve and duloxetine… I had enough now I take the tablets yes it reduces the pain, but it doesnt go, I still have the ring of vice around my ribs at times, my slurs and muddles can get worse for periods, my spine still aches at the top it feels weird and I cant remember the words of how to describe it at the minute. Weird Right eye does my head in sometimes it blurs like a tear in front of it, my right side feels heavier to my left. Im at the end if I’m honest guys, I couldnt believe she laughed at me, I can forget how to do things at times and really cant remember for a few seconds ie: cup of coffee what do I do first? I sleep down stairs on the couch my boyf sleeps upstairs in bed, its been thay way for a while my body can like kick out at times plus I dont think I can handle the humiliation ogf waking up in a wet bed with him, and needing help. I wet myself on the couch the other night, plus I can find stairs a bit of a thing to do sometimes even the simplest task skills is gone for a bit. and the lowest of the low for me has been forgetting where my daughters school was I was driving there, I kew where it was but just couldn’t find it, I sobbed about that and still do. there is a pain in my pelvis across but runs down right side. I dont sleep and then I get told its depression can some one please tell me if they have any of these things. I was told the tetzes would stop beore my 30’s it hasn’t, the pressure in y bladder can do me in, like I have cystitis but without the burning sometimes I think I wee a hell of a lot more than I take in and I can sometimes hold it and sometimes it just doent work? Am I forgetting to go for a wee? its all due to fibromyalgia is this right

I’m sorry its all over the place I wrote my life from 15 and everything that has happened in a previous post, every detail every significant couple of years and the different things, but I pressed a button and I couldn’t find it and couldn’t see for crying and dont know if I deleted it so did other shorter one would you believe. sorry and thankyou if you read it. x the specialist said I will be like this now probably long term with the fibro. I have had no tests apart from blood and x ray, can someone help me, I’m actually ashamed of myself, I have no one to talk too. what do I do?

Hi hon and welcome to the forum…

I’m sorry I couldn’t read all of your post as text too tight and my sight is not good.

Can you answer one question for me… have you had an MRI of your brain? Is that what you meant by x-ray?

MRI is when they put you in a big scanner and in there for quite a long time.

Let me know that and I’ll try and give you some advice.

Pat x

Hi thankyou for relying, thankyou so much, no I have had no scans of my brain or sine. I had a small mri scan when I couldnt walk in 2009 but that just showed curve, and bone density x ray showed osteothing. Feel so lost and sad. Thank you Shell x

No I have had nothing like that ever. and I’m quite good at remembering time thats gone. I find short term memory bad. thank you Shell x

Sounds like you need to insist on referral to neurologist. It’s not right to be left like that. I really feel for you hun. My short term memory at the moment is appalling and I know how frustrating it is. Massive hugs for you hunni x

How does MS begin? Does that make sense, What hapened for someone to say you need a brain scan or neuro? Am I thinking that in my late teens early 20’s is too young? Or Why do somethings work then not? It’s been a nightmare morning, I had to roll off the setee (I fell asleep at 4:30 and must of gone onto my back) crawled/slithered to the bottom of thee stairs shouting my 15 yr old aspergers daughter that she needed to help me up, she did, I haven’t sat down since incase I cant get up… my 4 yr old put my shoes on and the pain in my head only on right is there a bit worse today, I feel like my eyes keep jiggling when I’m trying to focus like one of those little toys I look at what I’ve wrote and think how do I put it across. Can my gp refuse to send me to neuro? and would they look at things from when I was younger like a bigger picture, sorry my words are awful thanks shell

Hi again Shell. Sorry to hear you are having such a tough time. Now you really need to get this sorted.

Firstly, here is a link from this site which explains what MS is:

Many people have their first symptoms in their late teens or early 20’s… so no, it is not too young.

What you really need to do is see your GP. Make a list of your main symptoms. Shell you have to be careful here because if the list is too long or detailed, the GP will think you have health anxiety and nothing is really wrong. So stick to the main symptoms.

Do not tell the GP that you think it might be MS or that you have been looking up symptoms on the internet… or that you have been on this forum. GP’s hate that and again will think it’s anxiety and will not take your symptoms seriously.

The GP should refer you to see a neurologist. That is the first step to find out if you have MS… or one of the hundreds of conditions that have similar symptoms to MS.

IF it does turn out to be MS, it is really NOT the end of the world. It is NOT a terminal illness. Most people with MS lead normal lives… work, relationships, travel… etc etc. Even if MS does impact our lives more we can still live happy and full lives.

But for now keep an open mind. It might not be MS at all… as I said, there are HUNDREDS of conditions with similar symptoms.

So, make an appointment with the GP. Make a short list of main symptoms. Try if possible to get someone to go the the GP with you and to say how your symptoms are a problem.

Best of luck. I hope you get that referal and that you get some definite answers soon,

Pat x

Hi Pat, When I said to my gp that a friend thought I had the symptoms of m.s she scoffed at me, and said no definatley not maybe m.e or fibromyalgia. I;m worried to request a referal incase she say’s no or laughs at me again.Thanks Shell x