Help information overload


id like some advice. I went along for an MRI scan 5 days later I had a letter with a new follow up appointment 10 days later (tomorrow) 4 days after my letter I get a letter cc my GP telling them there is a high signal in my Cerebellar middle peduncle and he will see me in the clinic for management. My symptoms was loss of vision overnight, balance and feeling wobbly, pins and needles up both arms and feet and slight tremor in my left hand occasionally.

Is there anyone who can give me any advice or who can relate to my circumstances. Thank you

Hi Emma715,

no advice I’m afraid I just wanted to comment to let you know it’s a long scary process waiting for any neurological diagnosis.

The people in this forum are friendly and knowledgeable so will really help where they can I’ve asked many questions and they have been brilliant Just remember just because it sounds scary doesn’t always mean it’s bad

I wish you the best of luck and keep us updated.


hi emma

prepare for your appointment by having a brief history of your symptoms at hand.

take someone with you who can prompt you if you dry up or your words won’t come out.

this person can also make notes on what the neuro says.

hope all goes well

carole x