HELP! I need a kick up the bum!

Oh Good grief peeps! Can anyone please give me a ‘virtual’ kick up the backside? I am sooooo fed-up and depressed at being exhausted all the time, I’m starting to think that I’ll never ‘snap out of it’. I’ve got a wedding to go to in a fortnight’s time and still need to buy a pressie and get a new outfit with some shoes but I’m simply dreading the trip into town to start trying things on and the later it gets the more worked up I get about not getting everything in time and just adds to the million other things I have coursing round in my head, If I’m not in the land of nod then I’m rooted to the spot in a state of panic saying to myself "good grief get yerself going, there’s no time to faff around doing the housework, get something to eat, put the washer on, remember to pack your tablets, pay the electricity bill before you go, etc. etc. etc. AAAAaaaaarrggggg!! I’ve been like this now for a couple of months and I’ve forgotten lots of appointments, it feels like I’m coming to a full stop but that there’s a washing machine half way through a spin cycle in my head!

Oh poo, this new thread of mine has come back ‘unpublished’ so it dosn’t look as if I’m gonna get any help from anyone again today.