Help, I believe I had a MS HIG yesterday but not diagnosed


Yesterday i was shopping with my family and all of a sudden I had shoulder pain, it felt like something was putting pressure on my left shoulder… about 5 minutes later I had a squeezing pain that wrapped around my ribs above me waist, at first it was squeezing and uncomfortable, after a few minutes it began to squeeze tighter. I had to go sit down and suddenly it was very strong, I felt as if i couldnt take a deep breath. It continued on and suddenly my chest, and arms were tingling and warm, almost like pins and needles. It was very difficult to breathe and it brought me to tears this went on for about 40 minutes, finally it began to squeeze with less pressure however breathing was still not very easy… as time went on the squeezing got less and less over about a 9 hour period. Finally about 11:30 pm the squeezing stopped and my breathing was almost back to normal. my husband was looking things up on line to try and figure out what I was going through and he found an “MS HUG” ~ everything it decribed perfectly lined up with what I experienced.

I am not diagnosed with MS, does this sound like what a MS Hug is? i am very concerned and have a doctors appointment for tomorrow morning. In the mean time my mind is running and I had to try to find others for support and wisdom. Thanks for your help and time!

Hi Mamaluv,

If it is the only neurological experience you have had; please DO NOT worry it’s probably a Clinical Isolated Symptom (CIS) that as the name implies happens once and never again.

Try to forget about it; mention it to your GP so there’s some record of it. Lead your life as normal it’s not as easy to join the MS club but on saying that welcome questions so we can put your mind at rest.

Good luck


THANK YoÜ George so much for your time and wisdom!

I went to my doctors today and he had me take an elf it came back normal! I go back next week for a blood panel to be sure everything else is good! :slight_smile:

im going to try and forget about it as you said!