HELP! How does back spasm feel...

What does it feel like to have a spasm in your back... does it feel like pulling a muscle or can it make you pull a muscle?

I was feeding baby this morning... wasnt moving and my back just went crazy felt like it was clenching up and now feels like Ive a pulled muscle!  Unimpressed, and not very happy letdown

You must be experiencing another wretched symptom of MS? Know the feeling!


If drugs from a doctor don't work, try relaxation?

Marcus. x.

Spasms of the back can go right round to the front of our torso, thus making us think there is something wrong there.


I was told to take anti spasmodics and keep moving because we tend to stiffen up if resting too much.


Hope yours soon behaves, its not nice.


take care,



Thanks... the pain has eased up now, as long as im careful.  Didnt happen againl... felt like one big spasm that caused  a mucle to pull.

Think I need to get strict with my medicine... I keep forgetting my baclofen :-/  Me thinks me needs a daily medicine pot!