Help heart palpitations

Hi everyone, I keep getting palpitations everyday, and they are so uncomfortable. I am waiting to have test done at the hospital. I feel so tired and drained. I have RRMS as well. Has anyone experienced palpitations? Any advise please.

Hello Are you saying you are having tests done in relation to the palpitations? Palpitations can be caused by a variety of things. Stress being one, drinking a lot of caffeine drinks another. That’s just a couple of examples. It’s quite common for most people to experience palpitations at some points in life. The problem is when they become excessive and include other physical symptoms. There is medication if required, so hopefully things will be sorted soon. Fingers crossed that’s it’s nothing more serious. Good luck x

Blimey that seem to end bad to me lol. Either way, there will be something they can do about it :slight_smile:

Hi, Low Magnesium can give you palpitations, its worth seeing if you are low in magnesium, my friend use it pass out with terrible palpitations but now takes magnesium which took away the palpitations, I get them sometimes but I’m going through the menopause.

hope this helps Sue


Yes. I get them too on and off bit like Simone2 says above I am on the menopause too.

I also take 300mg Magnesium too.