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Hi, I have over the last while i have put on 13lbs, I’m starting to think some down to meds but I really get down about it and want to lose it. Problem is any type of exercise seems to completely floor me and pay or it over a few days - is there any exercise that anyone could recommend as my muscles esp legs are so tight too :frowning: Just feel like I’m dammed if I do or don’t ??

Have you tried swimming? I feel wrecked if I go to the gym but swimming seems to be good for me as its gentle yet effective x

Hi Kel

Know what you mean about putting on weight - I’m too scared to get on the scales!!! lol

I try to get to the gym a couple of times a week, although I don’t always manage it. I think it helps to keep me mobile and muscles used a bit - not sure that it helps re weight because I just can’t manage intense exercise any more. I guess my thinking is that anything is better than nothing. Just wondering if you have seen a neuro physio ? If not, perhaps you could ask to see one. I got referred through the MS nurse and the physio gave some exercises to do which are quite helpful re legs being tight etc.

Best wishes


No and I really should although I am heat intolerant and I also stiffen etc in cold water?

Have you tried starting with something low impact like yoga, pilates or Tai Chi. They will start helping to get your muscles used to exercise. As well as phyio speak to a fitness trainer at your local gym. They could do a program to start off. Any exercise above & beyond what you normally do will get you started. Even a short walk will help, and once you get started you can build on it. Maybe try listening to an audio book. Good luck with it all. I think my legs would be much worse if I stopped my exercise JellyBellyKelly

Exercise is a really good idea, but it won’t do much to help you lose weight. You need to eat less for that to happen and stick to fresh healthy food.

@whammel, thanks for the info, I think we may consider food supplements, fat loss prog., diet plans and exercise equip. for better solutions. Thanks.

You’re not alone Kel, I react badly to exercise too and it makes it so difficult to shift the weight.

If you’re really concerned about it, it may be worth speaking to your GP about your meds (I know that when I was on Pregabalin (Lyrica) I put on weight but luckily I don’t have much neuropathic pain so I was able to slowly come off them).

Other than that, all I can suggest is looking at your diet (maybe GP or MS Nurse can refer you to a nutritionist?). I joined a ‘healthy living club’ on a forum I belong to and the extra support really helped me lose my ‘excess baggage’ this year.


Hi Kel

I don’t have a weight problem but was a couch potato - I guess I’m just lucky with my genes lol. However I do find that my legs get really tight now if I don’t do something to keep them moving.

After my biggie relapse that led to dx I took up yoga and I love it. My yoga instructor is a former work colleague and asks us to complete a confidential health questionnaire when we first join her class so she knows what to be aware of. With some postures she gives us other options so we can adjust the movement to make it easier on bad backs/shoulders etc. If you can find a decent instructor like her that would be best.

I’ve just had 2 relapses which meant I wasn’t well enough to go to full classes but I still did the basic warm-up stretches at home for 10 minutes twice a day since June and I have healed my legs myself while I am still on the waiting list for physio. In fact I’m now going to ring them and cancel as I don’t think they can do anything for me now. I’m now back to walking to work for at least half of the week (in fair weather lol) so that is helping my balance.

As long as you can do something active and then build up gradually, I think you will notice a difference to your fitness and then your weight. Just remember to go gently at first to see how much your body can cope with and build it up little by little.

Good luck

Tracey x

Thank u all for your comments, I am starting yoga at the ms society resource centre so hopefully that will help, I do eat healthy and not a lot that’s why I think mostly down to lack of ex exercise due to pain and meds?