help - does this happen to anyone else?

Rediscovering this MS forum after a long absence, so … . . . hope I’m posting correctly?

Just have no-one I can ask - have had no new treatment for my RRMS for years - just an annual review of the 3 drugs I take to cope with a variety of symptoms. No MS nurse in my area. I consider myself lucky to be retired and, usually, able to suit the pace of life to how I’m feeling. I can be very active in the good times and just read/listen to the radio in the bad ones.

This year though I have had a number of ‘mini illnesses’ already . . . . . gastro-enteritus, 3 really bad colds, one after the other, and now, a kidney infection, being treated with anti-biotics. Each time - as well as the symptoms of the illness itself - I seem to get many symptoms which are MS related too - arm with horrible nerve pain, nasty ‘neuralgia type’ pain/soreness all over and fatigue much worse than usual!

Does this happen to you too?

Finding it very hard to explain to family/friends who expect me to recover from the mini-illnesses easily - as if all other things were equal - and not to be as ‘unwell’ as I’m definitely feeling. Am I a fraud I think - is all this just in my mind (though with definite bodily symptoms!!!) I just feel so physically ‘rubbish’!

Reading the poem ‘Please don’t think. . . . . .’ earlier, a new posting in ‘emotional’ almost made me want to add an extra line . . . . . .

‘Please don’t think because the average person finds a kidney infection relatively brief and that it will SOON be MUCH easier as the anti- biotics kick in, that that will be the same for me. Maybe I’ll be totally shattered while I’m recovering and will have a lot of hidden symptoms too!’

Would love to hear from anyone with similar experiences/remedies etc. (Sorry to moan though.)


Don’t feel like you are moaning, it’s good to talk! I find it really difficult to recover from the slightest cold or cough, things that would never have bothered me at all pre dx. It certainly is not in your mind, and I think it’s very common for all of us to feel a worsening of most symptoms if we’ve been unwell with something.

I have always found fatigue one of my most difficult symptoms to deal with, but am lerning to listen to my body and take a break when I need to.

Take care

Freckles x