I am new to the forums but unfortunately not to MS. Currently in my worse relapse since diagnosis 5 years ago so feel free to cheer me up.

Equally I will offer any advice or help to other peoples posts if i Can

Hi & welcome… to the board not ms.

Your stayin up, your stayin up

Norwichs stayin up…

Does that help

Heres to a quick recovery from the relapse.


Hello and welcome to the forums.

Do I detect a Norwich City supporter? Not that I know anything about football.

Hope your relapse passes before too long. Are you on any DMDs?

Anne x

Hi and welcome…

Sorry to hear you’re having a relapse… hope you’re feeling much better soon.

Pat x

Hopefully spring will cheer you up. And if you are a Norwich City supporter, any chance we can have Simeon Jackson back?.

MS and Gills sufferer,


Hello and sorry to hear you are a Norwich fan. It could be worse, you could be like me, a Blackburn Rovers fan

Meant to say sorry about the relapse.

MS sufferer and even worse Rovers sufferer

Hi annie,

Done the rounds with DMDs - Started with copaxone which ended with a arm like a rugby ball, then avonex did nt stop relapses and now on intaferon but that not working either. Steroids dont seem to have halted it either.

and Prisoner no you cant have jackson back.

Hi, welcome to the forum.

Sorry to hear you`re having a rotten time of it just now.

You`ll find friendship, advice, support and the odd joke or two here.

It`s a great place to vent and rant too, as we all know how each other feels.

luv Pollx