Hello to all members

I wanted to introduce myself to the group.My name is Coco I’m 58 ( young 58 that is :wink:) I have RRMS diagnosed in 2005. For most of the years I didn’t notice too many problems except during our hot humid days of summer. Of late my symptoms have escalated and not much break between flares, realized it’s time to reach out to others. Thankyou for accepting my request to join.And I look forward to talking with all the members.

Welcome Coco, you’ll find lots of friends and support here.
Maz :kissing_heart:

Hi Coco,
Sorry about your diagnosis and symptoms but glad you found us.

Yes, temperature is a problem with me too, drains my energy. Used to live in an old sandstone house which never got hot.
Keep a symptom diary then you have something to show neurologist or MS nurse. (presume you have medical help).

Take care

Hello Coco

Welcome to the forum. You’ll find there are lots of friendly (virtual) faces here.

MS is a bugger. Just when you think you’ve got away with few relapses MS comes along and says ‘no, I was just kidding, here’s some symptoms for you to deal with’!!


Hi Coco,
Hello, I’m 56 with SPMS, I struggle with the heat as it zaps my energy levels too. Such a shame as I love the summer.