hello this is my introduction

hi my name is sealy. i am new to the forum and not sure how to start. i am not having such a good day with my RRMS,so its a bed day for me. i cant wait for the summer to start, it always makes me feel better even when i am in my house. The sun shinning through the windows make me smile even though i am stiff and achy. i hope you are all having good day. bye for now.

Hi Sealy, I am new to this forum too. I have only briefly introduced myself and yet to post my journey. Sorry you are having a bad day, saying that I hope you feel better soon sounds a bit odd, but as better as you can when you have a long term illness. Anyway, look forward to reading your future posts. Take care for now.

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Hi Sealy and hello Rogue…

Hope you are both well today and relaxing on this Sunday. In 2012 I started working every weekend (plus 2 weekdays) …so just on lunch now…resting my legs.

It is a cliche but nobody knows how people are feeling. There are 365 days in a year and they are not all gonna be good. I like it sunny out but I like to be in the shade 100% in the lounge with french doors open…the garden grass is a foot high - but it can wait until Summer for a cut…

As long as I get a good night’s sleep it improves my day dramatically - having a day off is a double bonus - add my daughter being at school & partner at work and it feels like heaven - no alarm & wake up naturally. I work less than 50% off a year… there is no way I could do a 5 day week …especially with the commute.

Try keep upbeat, dont worry too much.

Renember the golden rules sleep, food, drink & relaxation are key daily needs…

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Hi @sealy, welcome. I’m new here too. :slight_smile:

I hope today has been better. It’s been sunny here but I’ve been stuck indoors. I also still love to see the sunshine coming into the house, even when I don’t make it out either.

Take care :slight_smile: