Hello new to this

Hi been having problems for over a year now started with feeling ill kept getting colds worked in a shop so just put it down to bad amune system then my boss said you should see the doc , so of I went I had also been getting fizzy feelings down my arms when bending my neck forward so saw doc had blood test came back low b12 had injections felt better for a week then noticed my balance was bad as I cycled alot this was not good feel of twice no damage done only to pride !! then at work came over all faint and dizzy got taken to doctors sent again for my blood test ok low iron but other wise ok then noticed legs really heavy if walked far or going upstairs and cycling went right out window back to docs ok not sure whats going on sent for mri test see neurologist came back slight white matter lessions on brain scan impression of high multiple levels on cord but nothing to be to worried about as had no other significant symptoms lose some weight and get some physio (so ok im slightly on large side but always been active !! ) My doc not impressed with results so wanted 2nd opinion so of I go again new neurologist new hospital said im sending you for lumbar and emg waiting results but bottom line is ms so there we are im not quiet sure whats next but i feel im going a little crazy any words of wisdom would be much apriciated been down but i get back up smiling and think what will be will be sorry to chatter on but just needed to get this of my chest ta all x

Deep breath Tizzie… just reading your post made me dizzy… didn’t mean for that to rhyme…

Ok, seriously love, you have had a terrible shock. Have they actually told you it is definitely MS? Sounds as if they have. Have you got anyone to talk to? Family? Good mate? Sounds as if you have a very nice boss. Anyway what you need to do first thing is sit down and talk to someone. Have a good cry. Let it all out.

Then you just need to slow down a bit and wait until you see the neuro and see what they say. I’m guessing that IF you have been told it is MS, it will be RRMS. That means relapsing remitting MS. Lots of people on here have it and it is NOT the end of the world!

So what you need to do is find out everything you can about MS. This site is a good place to start. Read the posts on the forum, but also look at the rest of the site… especially read the stuff in ‘What is MS?’ section. There’s lots of good info and it’s a great place to start.

You’re not going crazy and it’s fantastic that you can get back up still smiling… but don’t pretend that this is easy to deal with. That’s why you need to talk to someone and be honest about how you’re feeling. Ok?

Hope this helps a little bit… I honestly DO know how hard it is… but I can also promise you that it will get easier.


Pat x

Hi Tizzie

Ditto to what Pat has told you, sit down, deep breaths and take stock for a minute.

It is always a shock to hear that you have ms, and your mind goes into overdrive, but

have a read of the info on this site, puts things into perspective, and it really isn’t the

end of the world. Takes time to sink in, but life will carry on, perhaps making some

adjustments, but it is still really worthwhile.

Take one day at a time, listen to what your neuro tells you, and if you haven’t already

been assigned an ms nurse, ask for one, they can be of a great help.

Sending you some (((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))) to let you know you are not alone.


Hi Tizzie. Sorry you are having a tough time of it and I cant really offer any more wisdom than has been said, however you do need to look after yourself and share your worries. They are a great bunch of knowledgeable people on here, so if you have any questions, ask away and Im sure someone will help.

Thinking of you xx

thank you all for your help and advice will keep in touch hugs to all x

Hi Tizzie

I know it sounds odd but it feels good to read your post - so many people on here are in a similar position to yours (either newly diagnosed or still going through the checks - limboland they call it!). Have you officially been diagnosed or do they strongly suspect MS and just going through the protocol?

I got told my Neuro almost 2 weeks ago that they strongly suspect MS but cannot officially diagnose until further scans 3 months down the line so currently in limboland. It has been a hard 2 weeks as at first all I did was cried and hid from the rest of the world. After about 4 days I plucked up the courage to google MS and stumbled across this site and it really has helped me get my head around things - especially the Forum. I can’t say I am totally back to myself but about half way there but it so nice to hear your positive attitude.

Big hugs ((((((((((((((0)))))))))))))