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I was diagnosed with MS in 2012 and think i am currently having another attack. In reading the posts here i was just wondering if they are supposed to tell you what type of MS you have as nobody has ever told me and not sure if they tell you or if they can only tell in time?

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If you are having attacks you then have RRMS. Have you been given treatment, disease modifying drugs (DMDs as they are known on here). If not then I would get back to your neuro as usually they dont give them out until the person has had more than one attack.

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If you have been offered treatment in the form of one of the injectable drugs such as Avonex, Rebif, Betaferon or Copaxone then you will have RRMS as these drugs aren’t of any use in PPMS or SPMS.

If you aren’t currently on drug treatment but are having distinct 'attacks’and then getting significant improvement between them you are also most likely RRMS. If you were PPMS you wouldn’t have distinct attacks but would just gradually get worse. And for most people they would be RRMS for quite some years before developing SPMS.

But the best way to find out is to ask your neuro. Some do tell you straight away, some don’t and some just don’t see it as that relevant as they think MS is still MS whatever flavour you have.

But if in doubt, ask

And if you think you are having another attack yopu should contact either your neuro or MS Nurse so it can be documented and if needed you can be offered treatment.

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Hi and welcome.

If you have attacks then it is likely you have RRMS. Are you on DMDs (Disease modifying drugs) , if not get back to neuro as they sometimes dont give them out until you have had more than one attack. The idea is that these drugs reduce the number and severity of attacks.

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Yes I am on Betaferon now have been last 4 months. I had an attack in 2007 i think then had another attack in 2012 which is when they put me on betaferon. yes i think i ask the question to find out what they think.