Hello - My story and who knows what next


My name is Maria, I am 42 years old. I had an incident of optic neuritis in November 2020. It was very bad… light perception only in the right eye. My vision has returned since then, although it’s not as good as it was before the incident (gone back to 85% of what it was). MRI showed demyelination in the optic nerve and a patch of “white” in another area of my brain, but neurologist said: “clinical image is not MS”, just isolated incident. They gave me special vitamin C prescription, it was quite low. It helped me recover.

Anyway, I now have paresthesia in my hands. Both hands. It started 2 months ago… and no improvement. I woke up with it, it did not develop gradually. I went to the doctor, they are sending me for MRI head and spine in September.

All blood tests have been good, but since last year I had five incidents of swollen lymph nodes, both sides… within 6 months. I had it checked at the doctor and the cause was never found, but said “not malicious”. Luckily the swelling has not come back since April. Oh, and I have POCS and psoriasis on my sculp.

I wonder if any of you have had any similar combination of symptoms. Not sure how I am going to cope if I get diagnosed with MS, but I have now reached that point that I need answers. And if it’s MS, I need access to treatment asap.
Thanks for reading.

Hi Maria, you have a lot to cope with indeed.

I’ve had PPMS for 25 years and had no treatment to slow progression, as there wasnt any.

Many people live a long life with MS. I’m 69 and have had to adapt to being fully dependent on others for so many things.

Last year I felt I’d had enough and didnt want to carry on.
Then something amazing happened…

Jesus saved me. He came into my life and helped me understand why I’m here.

Life is 100% better. I’m still dependent on others, but still have a zest for life.

I hope you too find your way through sweetheart.

Love Boudsx

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