hello my name is julie my husband is blind and has ms i too are having tremors and similar symptoms.

Hello my name is julie my husband has ms and registered blind we have 2 little children i have been having twitching for years but getting worse alot worse having tremors in left leg and arm lasting upto 2-3 mins husband concerned as like his tremors.Slurring speach stuttering mixing words up and i dont even notice doing it.Husband has picked up on it and our children,lost of bladder control comes and goes.Have had blood tests showing over active immune and various abnormal results found i am vitamin d deficent not dangerous but alot lower than recommended level.Respitory and rheumotogist consultants are thinking i may have polymyositis my gp has booking me in for brain scan.Has put me on low dose of steriods and gave me inhaler for my lungs as weezing already had pleural enffusion last year and was in hospital.I get numbness in face left side tingling in lips and cheek numbness pins needles in fingers and toes.Left leg kicks wile asleep and right arm jerks and wakes me.Have burning pain in feet and hands and also arms.Pain under ribs sometimes burns as if into my back,spine pops and crunches.I struggle climbing stairs get tierd very easy and get strange feeling numbness pins needles pain when lifting arms up above my head.I feel so fed up as i am supposed to be the healthy one to look after everyone i just cannot believe i have some very similiar symptoms what are the chances that i could have a neurological problem as my husband.xx julie (leicestershie)