Hello - just joined

Hi everyone I’m Nick, I just joined the forum today.
After an incident of optic neuritis some time ago (years not months) I went through various tests and was diagnosed with RRMS. After that I was mercifully symptom free so I wasn’t sure about it, but but recently I’ve started getting numbness on the left side of my body, particularly hand and lower leg, my legs ache and my walking is a bit unsteady. Also more tired than usual. I’m booked in for more MRI scans and there’s talk of taking Omeprazole and Medrone. So I feel I’m in good hands but I’m worried about where it all will lead. Is any of this familiar to anyone?
Thanks in advance.

@Nick01 - hi Nick and welcome to the site, I’ve only been a regular visitor for a few months. I can identify with these symptoms. After 10yrs of nothing they gradually started and I started on Baclofen and going to a gym next to the Hospital - assisted exercise prescribed by physio including core muscle, peddle bike, vibrio-pad. Guess all I want to say is good luck🍀

Hi Nick, you’re story sounds very similar to mine. I started with optic neuritis and was diagnosed with R&R MS about 5 years ago. I’ve been relatively lucky, but after a relapse early on was put on Copaxone. I felt I was getting on ok, but the past 3 months have been hard. I’ve previously had numbness in my left arm but this has now moved to my right. I have MRI scans booked for Friday to see what’s going on. I’m worried that I have more lesions.I too am worried where this will lead. Sorry to go on about myself, but wanted to let you know you’re not alone :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Charlie_Mac thanks for your comments and good wishes. I’ve got some scans coming up, not sure what the future holds but I feel like I’m in good hands and staying positive. All the best to you.

Hi Liverpool43 thanks for your reply and concern. Looks like you’re a first timer on the community too, it seems like a really useful and friendly place.
My scans have been brought forward which is good, but I’m also concerned with what they might show. I hope your scans turn out ok. Stay positive.

Thanks Nick01, yours too.