Hello - I'm Ashleigh

Hi everyone. I’m Ashleigh, 37 y/o based in sunny Manchester. I learned last week I may/probably have MS. I’m being sent on to the neurologist to confirm for sure. It makes sense though, symptoms-wise. I’ve been slowly developing astonishing levels of pain and difficulty walking since 2019 and my recent MRI on my brain showed “multiple well-defined areas of abnormal signal intensity” and a lot of other stuff I didn’t really understand. Lots of complicated words.

I only had a basic knowledge of MS before now, I’ve met a few people living with it through work & social circles. This website has been pretty helpful although I’m still at the stage where I get pretty maudlin about it sometimes.

So I thought I’d sign up to the forum and scroll through for advice :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading Xx


Tough break but unfortunately, we’ve trodden the same path so know what you’re going through. :frowning_face:

Tell us more about yourself and maybe we can be more specific. It sounds like you’re progressive rather than relapsing-remitting, in view of the way it’s taken hold? So have you had a report in writing? Is that from GP or Neurologist? What have they told you will happen next?

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Hey. Yeah it’s not much fun really, is it. Ah well.

So from looking at the MS Society website and reading the descriptions I’d agree with you that it sounds progressive rather than relapsing/remitting. I have had an MRI report in writing about the ‘well defined areas of abnormal signal intensity’ which my GP advised looked like MS to her, but I have not yet spoken to a neurologist. That’s the next step, I have a letter from neurology in Salford saying I’ve been referred and they’ll let me know what happens next. I’m guessing either a face to face appointment or they’ll look at the scan, say “Yup, that’s MS alright” and get in touch about treatment options.

In terms of symptoms it started off as a peculiar tingling sensation in my left thigh, which presented at the same time as some bladder issues in the spring of 2019. Since then it’s all steadily gotten worse. My legs are incredibly stiff & painful all the time, I now walk with a cane and can’t really walk very far before needing to sit down. I’ve fallen over once or twice in shops and could not stand back up unaided.

In terms of me, I’ve worked for several charities usually in an admin role and in my spare time I’m a musician and play bass guitar in a band, so we’re probably going to have to rethink how we do gigs.

Ash Xx

Im also in Salford and waiting to see a neurogist at Salford Royal with similar symptons as yourself.Only difference is my scans were clear however was then told id had a small stroke.Theyve said the symptons are not stroke related.