Hello, found you all!

Hi all, it’s taken a while but I am now on here.

I was diagnosed with PPMS in 2019 following many many fall when running over the years, I got the name of Mr Bump from those that knew me… Never even thought it could have been MS.

Since then I have had a total breakdown, lost my job as a safety manager, and redeployed to a role that was suited to me (work have been so good to me throughout) and enjoy my new role…

Going through many struggles, the latest is moving to a bungalow…

Anyway, I here, I am broken, but I’m fighting and will continue to fight…

Hi there and welcome to the club no-one wants to join!

I’ve had PPMS 24 years. Had to retire at 47, as it progressed so fast.

Good to hear your firm are good eggs. It’s a daily fight to keep going.

I recently found solace in Jesus…not for everyone I know, but it sorted my very muddled thinking out!

Take care chuck.

Good to hear that your employer is being supportive.
Hope you stay upright.
All the best

Jesus is everything :heart::pray: thanks

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