Hello, fellow Ms warriors

Hello, my name is Gemma I’m new to this site and Ms. I’ve only been diagnosed 4 months.

So here is my story so far, on the 15th of September i woke up and noticed my speech was slurred. My family thought I was drunk, I didn’t notice it too much ? My family and I laughed about it. I shrugged it off and I went to bed as I started with a headache.

The next morning I’d lost my speech completely and had right side weakness. I was admitted to my local hospital with what they thought was a stroke. Had endless amounts of tests, ct scans, mri’s and lumber puncture’s. I was told my scans showed that I had a shadow, brain liaisons and swollen spinal code and too much electrical brain activity. It was heartbreaking, especially in the grip of covid and not being able too see loved ones. Not being able to communicate was tuff ! I had 1 negative lumber but I had 5 days of iv steroids…

Fast forward 2 weeks in hospital, intensive speech therapy, physio therapy I was relased home with no answers. But able to speak, walk and see my family. I’ve had multiple trips to neurology ,2 more Lumber punchers and bloods. My specialist phoned 4 months ago and said my lumber puncher came back positive. I heard the words " I’m sorry to tell you over the phone but you have MS. " This is all very new and very raw. But if anyone has any words of hope ? Or what to expect in my new life path, I’d be extremely grateful Thank you Gemma.

Hi Gemma, firstly welcome to the forum!!

I got my diagnosis at 24 and like you I found myself in hospital having so many tests, scans lumber punctures etc etc.

It’s very scary initially, I found it even worse as you know everyone around you was worried. I felt confused and it took time to get it clear in my head.

Questions like why me and what will happen in the future and you can paint a bleak picture. Hopefully it wont be like that, its ok to take some time as I am sure most people on this forum had similar thoughts - you are not alone

Everyone has a different story but here is mine. I am almost 50 now during the time there have been several ups and downs. I would say I am still doing lots of fun stuff, last week I was at a festival and having fun with my family (wife and 2 children). Sure there are challenges that have to be over come, I have balance and a number of other fun things that happen to my body. Rather like yourself so quite often enjoy steroids with trips to the Dr

The important message is life isn’t over, not one bit sure things can be tough.

Don’t be hard on yourself
It’s ok to be worried
Take a little time for you
Be positive
Try to exercise if you can
Try to eat well
Look after yourself

Good luck


Thank you for your response, it’s nice to chat to someone who’s going through the same illness. Glad to hear you are still enjoying festivals with your family !

I’ve just started capaxone injections that are making me feel sick ! But hopefully that will settle soon.

Happy Saturday, I am sure the drugs will settle down soon. I must say you are brave injecting yourself I dont like it when I get other people to inject me!!
I have got a feeling you will do just fine, I am sure there will be hurdles and obstacles to get over but get out there and live life.

Good luck

Thank you James for your reply. Enjoy your weekend and good luck to you as well.

Hello, I was thinking today about you and my early days and the ups and downs. Remember if you are ever feeling down and the world just feels a bit rubbish. Take a deep breath and give yourself a little time and I always imagine doing something amazing.

Don’t let this be a moment to limit yourself but a time to be even more determined to do everything you ever wanted to do. You can do it!

Good morning James, I’m having a really tuff time with work at the moment. Trying to be positive ! Keep thinking about how far I’ve come in 10 months, and the things I’ve achieved. I’ve learned to talk and walk again. I give myself a such a hard time and that needs to stop. Thank you for your positive messages, its so appreciated.

Hi, it sounds like you have done amazingly well. Some times it hard to believe MS helps us realise just how tough we are. It sounds like you have had the toughest challenge and guess what ??? You did it and you should be so proud of your self. Sounds pretty amazing to me.

Work can be tough sometimes but like walking or your speech you will face it head on and win!! If not you can always speak to HR and they will always come on your side.

Tomorrow will be a great day!