Hello Everyone

My name is Dave and i was diagnosed in 2009 although I new something was wrong a long time before that,I just thought i would drop in and say hello

Hey Dave, Welcome to the madness, a a very good group for support and questions. Dx in 2004 Greg

Hello Dave and welcome to the board. We are a very friendly lot on here and you will get lots of support and advice! Linda x

Hi Dave and welcome,

Lots of experience about life and MS on this forum. l am one of the eldest. And have had MS since 1982.

Good afternoon Dave,

Lots of experience of life and MS on this forum.

And lots of difference of opinions as well - which all adds to the mix.

l am one of the eldest - and was diagnosed SPMS 1982.


Now that should not have happened - first message suddenly disappeared and l had to start again.

Not a good example to set to a new member!!

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the madness that is the MS Forum. We are a (mostly) well behaved lot. If you have any questions or queries do feel free to comment or even if you just need a good rant and a rave. There is nothing new under the sun in this forum.


hi dave

welcome and JBK is right you can ask anything.

i have chatted about self catheterising just this morning.

no shame! it followed dignity out the door!

carole x

Hello and welcome Dave.

We`re a mixed bunch here and try our best to support and offer advice if we can.


Thanks all, A quick question(the first of many) Is there anything that can be done about the fatigue? Any vitamins or other tablets/food that would help Thanks in advance Dave

Hi Dave and welcome to the mad house (only joking, there are only a few of us who are mad). Hehehe!

We are all here for eachother whenever we need eachother for a bit of advice or just a friendly chat with people who understand how you feel because we have all been there. I was d/x in 2005 and found this site a real help. It has helped me through the bad times and is always there for a chuckle on the good days

Best advice I can give to help with fatigue is don’t fight it. Whenever you can stop and have 40 winks. Difficult I know but when I was working full time as soon as I got home I would have a little nap.

Take care and look forward to chatting with you.

Shazzie x

Hi Dave,

Welcome to an exclusive club!

Fatigue - have a rest or as Shazzie said have 40 winks. (if I’m going out in the evening I have 40 winls and then say I’m in credit! )

Make lfe easy for youself- I do click and collect shopping, shop online. etc.

Stay well.

Jen x

Just to say hi !!

Hello Dave. Welcome to the forum. I’m a newbie…diagnosed in august. This is a lovely site for help and support and a good laugh. Noreen

Hi, I wish I did not have to say welcome but hey life is not all bad.

First relapse 1979, diagnosed in 2001 when I became disabled due to the damage caused and finally received Rebif in 2003. If I had had treatment earlier my walking might have been very different. Make sure that you get as much info as possible and pursue relevant treatments. You only have one life…



Hello Dave and welcome

Hello & welcome :slight_smile:

Sonia x

hi :wink:

Welcome Dave! Amantadine Vitamin B12 Iron supplement - liquid form so no constipation These are some of the things that help / have helped my fatigue. Never really goes completely - except during 2 weeks in the sun for those of us who love the heat! Search fatigue on the forum - it comes up loads. Or speak to MS nurse and see what’s available for you. Take care. xx

I found the best help with fatigue wa LDN although not all Docs will prescribe it. I was one of the lucky ones. The othe thing that helped was stopping working. It felt like a 10 ton weight had been lifted off my shoulders, or was that my 18 year old son moving into his own flat, I forget which came first. All I know for certain is that I gained a fridge filled with food and exclusive use of the shower so maybe Lliam moving out was a great stress buster. Great to meet him for a beer every week. Anyway I digress, LDN is available on private prescription and I found it was life changing. Might be worth a try, it kept me working long enough to be in a position to stop. Gary

Hi Dave, I’m fairly new on here too but everyone is lovely and really helpful. xx