hello everybody

hello everybody my name is diane i’m 36 years old recently diagnosed with ADEM as far as i know is part of the ms family going back to see my neurologist in october for results of 2nd MRI scan.

hey Diane,

I’m Asher, good luck for the MRI results in October. It’s an awful time waiting to hear what’s going on xx

Welcome I love the username will we see you on the show! Barney

Greetings Diane,and welcome to the last club you ever wanted to join.However,on here you’ll find Wit+Widom,but don’t be shy in helping other people if you can.We’re all in the same ‘Barbed Wire Lifeboat’.

Wb x

ps I’m going straight to Gogle now

Hi Diane, I just went on google :slight_smile: I do know someone with transverse myelitis (sp?) and yes, from what I understand it’s a lot like MS, even down to the meds she’s given!

Good luck with your next MRI abd welcome to the group :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Welcome to the group Diane!


@Asher@barney@wb@sonia@moria thank you for the warm welcome

Hi Diane.

welcome aboard this wobbly ship hun!

I had to google adem, as I didnt know what it was. Yes it seems to be part of the ms family…borderline cases, it said.

I dont have ms, but was midiagnosed with PPMS for a long time.

I hope you journey isnt too bumpy hun.


Thanks for all the welcomes.It’s.all new to me some days can’t get my head round this dramatic change to my life. Fingers crossed for positive results from MRI. Diane x

Hi Diane

Welcome to the boards

If you need any support, advice or just a chat or a giggle you’ve come to the right place. Hope your MRI results are what you are hoping for

Tracey x

Yes i think i’ve come to the right place really feel at ease on here. Its nice to chat to people in the same boat and share experiences. This is all new to me at the moment but hopefully we’ll get through it together.

I’ll add my tuppence worth in as well. Welcome indeed. In the main we are a friendly bunch and we do have Wb for the groan-worthy laughs. Of course any jokes I put up are true works of genius!

Regardless of what you go through - some-one where can usually help and even if its just a rant and a rave , we will rant and rave with you until you’re done!!

Take care

JellyBellyKelly xx

Hi Diane

Just wanted to say welcome. We are a lovely bunch on here and we are always there for eachother. We also have lots of laughs. I’m off to google ADEM. I have never heard of it.

Look forward to chatting with you.

Take care

Shazzie xx