hello! back and questions about uti's and mri's!

hi everyone, hope you are all surviving! news in my limboland, i am having a lumbar mri in the next few weeks, can anyone shed any light on what happens please?

also, they wanna test me for a uti, cos they say my pain could be either a problem with my spine or a uti. can anyone tell me how they test or if treatment is scary or anything?

i think im still in shock at being taken seriously and also im quite scared!


Hi Jules.

A lumbar MRI is the same as any other kind of MRI - you lie on a bed which gets moved into the hole in the middle of the scanner (you’ll basically end up lying in a tube). You’ll have a sort of small heavy blanket over your tummy so the scanner can pick up signal from your lower spine (the lumbar area). It’s all completely painless and completely safe - just very noisy and very boring!

They test for a UTI by looking for particular bacteria in your urine. Sometimes they might do the same with a blood sample, but it’s more common for only urine to be checked. Treatment for a UTI is antibiotics.

Nothing to worry about :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Karen x

Nice to see you back and under a neuro at last.

Hope your well and ready for Christmas.


thanks Karen and Pip. I’m not under a neuro, it was a physio who referred me for those tests. Tho I’m hoping that depending on what the results are, I may get to see a neuro in a few months! I guess the results will go to my doctor or physio?