Hello all

Hello again everyone,I hope everybody makes it across to this pretty new site.
I wonder if anyone knows if I can stay and play now it is a new site?
I don’t appear to have a demyelinating disease,but my nerves seem to be breaking down and failing,my condition is akin to HSP but I have a dodgy gene sequence never seen before,so they don’t know what will happen to me.This is such a nice place to play when housebound and living alone.
My neuro is getting me an MS nurse(symptoms are much of a muchness with MS) and I have an appointment due in the next few weeks with a neuro physio.,it is only 21 weeks :evil: now until I see an OT so hopefully I won’t fall and crack my head on the bath before then :oops:
See all the old chums soon I hope. :smiley: