Hedgehog has been released from police custody

I am pleased to announce that poor hedgehog was returned by a police officer this afternoon. We hope that the experience was not too traumatic for the dear little creature.

(If you didn’t read post ‘Scary incident in night’ you will think I’m completely off my trolley)

Hope all the gang are doing ok and having a nice evening,

Pat x

Glad he’s back in his rightful place Pat. Are you all feeling a bit easier in your beds again or are people still shaken up. Did they get the bloke that broke in or did he get away due to the delay in the arrival of the police? Hope the gorilla has been tamed for now and that you’re feeling brighter. Teresa xx

They got him Teresa. Actually quite a sad case. He believed that men were chasing him, which might have been true, but personally I don’t think so. I think he was having breakdown and paranoid. Anyway he’s apparently very sorry and is writing us a letter of apology and paying for the damage.

He didn’t hurt anyone (was actually very polite face to face with 3 residents) so we are not pressing charges.

It was one of those things that was complete fluke. Hardly any chance of it ever happening again.

We are all laughing about it now… esp now that hedgehog has been released from custody!

Gorilla (dare I say it?) is being on best behaviour. Hmmmmm wonder how long before he wakes up!

Hope you’re doing ok,

Pat x

I am sorry for that poor man but he chose the worst place he could to have his breakdown. I’m glad you all seem to be coping after the shock of it. My gorilla is beating his chest incessantly atm. Am hoping for some better days around the corner soon. Teresa xx

Thinking of you Teresa.

Take it easy darling and don’t fight it… let’s hope he goes back into his corner and falls asleep soon!

Pat x

Hi Pat

Glad you are all ok, and hope that the man involved gets some help,

cos it sounds like he needs some.

At the moment I am annoyed with my body, cos I cannot believe how

tired I am, and I have only been sitting talking to my neighbours. Anyone

would think I have just climbed Kilimanjaro!! I suppose I am not cross with

me, but ms is by cruel, and I wish it would just br off.

Pam x

Sorry, I meant to say hope everyone is ok.

Pam x

Thanks Pat. Know what you mean Pam. Sometimes I can accept my lot but every day atm, I just wish it would all go away. Teresa xx

Hi Pam, the fatigue is a killer eh? Honestly sometimes it feels as if I’m just going to die as the tiredness is so deep within my body and sort of scary.

Anyway hon just wanted to say thinking of you… remember don’t fight it… fighting fatigue is counter-productive. Giving in is the only way.

Hope you feel better soon,

Pat x

Thanks Pat and Teresa, it’s nice to know there are people

who truly understand, and yes, I agree, you cannot fight it,

tried that in the past, got the t’shirt, and ain’t doing that again.

Slept, slept and slept some more yesterday, and today I feel

like a rag doll, which is definitely an improvement on yesterday.

Don’t you just hate feeling so weak and useless? but as that bloke

says (sorry brain fog, can’t remember his name) “I WILL BE BACK” lol

Have a good day everyone, take care

Pam x

Arnold Schwarzenegger - The Terminator Pam! Glad things have improved today. Yeah that weak and useless feeling is a killer. Had a lot of those lately! Teresa xx

It’s been a while but brain fogor cotton wool in me head, Take care folks M

Arnie…yes that’s who I meant, couldn’t think for the life of me,

what are we like lol

Hope everyone has a good day.

Pam x

Yeah, the brain fog seems to be hitting me more lately. Take care all and stay aw well as you can! Teresa xx

See - I keep making masses of typos where I never used to! Teresa xx

I wouldn’t worry about it, brain fog/cotton wool it all looks good to me Take careM