Heavy legs

i, like most of you, suffer from heavy legs. Sometimes it feels like my feet are glued to the floor. Is this spasticity, or fatigue, or both? Is there any medication available to help?

Advice please!


tizanidine helps with heavy legs.

spasticity and fatigue just put knobs on it!

maybe try meds for spasticity (baclofen - i think)

carole x

My MS Nurse recommended Symmetrel (amantadine) capsules for me. A few years later I thought ‘why am I taking these - I can manage without them’ so, stopped taking them. Big mistake! They do help.


i was prescribed amantadine for the fatigue. like you i stopped taking them because they did absolutely nothing for me.

carole x

if u get muscle relaxants,dont overdo them,as they will weaken ur legs,which is worse than tight legs

I found that walking with a stick helped me. After a 5 day steroid course 4 weeks ago I haven’t had to use it but these last few days I can feel the imaginary wet bags of sand being tied around my ankles again :frowning: