now I know hot bath’s and saunas exasperate the symptoms, but does that leave any long-term damage?

hi mick

it feels as though you have inflammation when you get too hot.

it is a really horrible feeling but doesn’t appear to cause any long term damage.

try those cooling gel strips, apply them to wrists, forehead, feet.

take a paracetamol because calpol always worked for my kids.

cool packs that are used for keeping food chilled are good to have in the freezer.

it feels as though my internal thermostat is broken because when i get hot, i can’t cool down.

when i get cold, i can’t warm up.

good luck

stay cool

carole x

If I get too hot my balance goes out the window and my tinnitus plugs into an amplifier! I use those packs that you and freeze or hot up repeatedly - best money spent for a long while. As soon as I cool down again, things are back to my version of normal, no apparent lasting damage.