Heat intolerance only during relapses??!

I think I am only heat intolerant during relapses. When I had pins and needles it was a lot worse after a hot bath. Now the pins and needles are better and my relapse is over, the heat doesn’t seem to bring the pins and needles back. Does anyone else have this? Or does anyone experience different heat exacerbated symptoms at different times e.g sometimes the heat causes tingling and other times it’s fatigue?

My shaking definitely seems to be exacerbated by heat. It was set off last week by a hot bath and has eased alot…until sitting outside today! Tried to stay in the shade but it didn’t work.

S x


One of my first symptoms, about a decade ago was optic neuritis. I found that hot baths and swimming excerbated my ‘old’ symptom too.

I asked my specialist about it and he explained that because the myelin sheath around my optic nerve had been weakened in a spot it act like a hole in an exhaust pipe. Instead of fumes escaping through the hole, its part of our signals to the brain that escapes and so the signal that comes through is not as strong as it should be. In my case it was blurrier vision, in your case its extra tingles and numbness. If you do have a bath or go swimming take and drink cold water as this will reduce your core temperature and should calm the excerbated symtoms quicker.

Hope this makes sense?? I would also like to say this was a decade ago and I do not have this problem with my eye anymore…it’s fine. Hopefully in time your symptoms will calm down too.

Good luck