Heart-felt thanks

Hello everyone! This is my first post on any of these forums, and it seemed appropriate to make it a good one! I just wanted to thank you ALL for being here on behalf of my lovely, wonderful partner when i was diagnosed with RRMS in 2007 and went ‘a bit crazy’, withdrawn, wild and all the rest. We lucked into being part of a clinical trial eventually and things are good now, but for about 6 months before that his only real support and information came from reading thorugh all of your posts in the forums and realising that he wasn’t alone. Of course, the other forums are great too - but this one in particular is SO important and so welcoming and I just want to say thanks for keeping my Bear sane while I was out of my mind for a bit. Carers’ emotional support seems to be even less of a priority than medical support for MSers, so thanks for picking up the pieces of non-MSers shattered lives. You guys rock xx