Good morning does anyone experience altered/ enhanced hearing I keep getting episodes of enhanced hearing everything is just really loud!! It gets so bad I have to leave the room or cover my ears it’s not in groups of people but in one to one situations it is really becoming annoying and a problem for me.

I find it really overwhelming some times when the kids are talking (arguing) at the same time as the TV being on or when I am trying to talk to my wife. Other times it’s not a problem. I’ve never thought of it as “enhanced hearing” but that is a good description for it.

that’s why i hate the wetherspoons.

the background noise sounds like a chicken shed!

i can hear snippets from several conversations whilst i’m trying to listen to the conversation i am having with a friend.

back in the distant past when i was doing a psychology A level, i learned of the “cocktail party effect” which describes my wetherspoons experience perfectly,

things i love about wetherpoons is the disabled loo! and the fact that there is always at least one friend in the place.

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I can’t really think of a proper description of it if someone is eating or drinking near me I find th noise alomost amplied so much I can hear anything else I really find it really odd it doesn’t happen all the time

hiya jules

yes! tho unlike carole i cant hear all the convos-just the one person that i am talking with.

the kids are well aware that i cant talk and watch tv e.g-its one or other.

because my eyesight is so poor i think my hearing tries to compensate-on a one to one level.