Hearing changes

Hi all,

I’ve been looking around for info on this but can’t seem to find anything, so am wondering if anyone else has hearing changes like I’m having…

I’ve got massive head fog round the back of my head, tinnitus in both ears, worse in the right (white noise; when stressed also deep bass sound), and have lost some hearing in the right ear (bass and mid range from what I can tell) - but the thing that’s confusing me is that in my right ear for certain frequencies (mid-high range ones - like some women’s voices, trumpets etc.) it sounds as though it’s kind of echoing in a small room in my ear - or like someone’s playing along on a kazoo - as if it’s distorted somehow, and can be quite uncomfortable. It’s hard to describe, and I didn’t do it very well to the neuro either…

It’s been getting me down, and now not knowing what it is is doing my head in, as I don’t know what to do to make it go away and am a musician and worried that it won’t get better and I won’t be able to enjoy listening to or playing music any more :frowning:

Any ideas welcome - thanks people,


Have you gone for a hearing test? That might help. I found I was struggling to hear what people were saying if there was a lot of background noise or they weren’t looking at me or totally mis hearing words so went for a test and have lost the ability to hear high pitch tones. Not bad enough to need a hearing aid but told to have yearly checks!!! I’m 40!!! At least I knew I wasn’t imagining it and they looked in my ears to make sure they weren’t blocked Axx

I’ve been getting tinnitus for about the past month. I think it must be getting worse, as it’s been impacting on my sleep in the past week. I don’t know about hearing changes, as I haven’t been checked but I don’t seem to be having any ill effects on that front so far. I have been telling my husband he mumbles on the telephone recently, but I think that’s probably because he does actually mumble.

It must be so difficult for you if you are a musician, so maybe you should have your hearing checked. At least to put your mind at rest.

Astro x

I haven’t had tinnitus or hearing loss but I can totally relate to your last problem with the internal kazoo! It has gone now but even things like the toilet flushing was echoing in my head and driving me mad. My ears are still physically painful though and I can’t lie on them. I feel like they are all swollen and on stalks but they look completely normal.

tinnitus can be very distressing at times and frustrating because it fluctuates, I have had it for as long as I can remember ( the beginning of this, was, I think due to a mis spent youth, listening to Northern Soul in the local youth centre!!). But as I have got older it has got far worse, and is more in my right ear than my left. What is good and I can recommend is seeing a tinnitus therapist, they really offer common sense advise and support. You can usually find these at ENT dept. My ear is completly numb inside and out but it itchies like mad but I can do nothing about it as the area is numb also this ear has hardly any hearing left in it, all of this is connected with the dizziness and vertigo I get and has been diagnosed as Ménière’s disease.

Thanks all - sooo good to realise I’m not on my own with it, especially the kazoo, puddinglover! A hearing test would be a good idea - apparently I need to get referred by the GP and I feel like I’m becoming his stalker lately, so will think on it and maybe go tomorrow. Probably should anyway as I’ve taken myself off work this week and not got a sick note yet…

And on a side note, Medion, it sounds like a very well-spent youth to me :slight_smile: - will ask about a tinnitus therapist as well when I finally do go,


I had a free hearing check at a hearing centre attached to an opticians. It was much better than the GP refered test at the surgery that I had a year later. Might be worth checking. I get tinnitus too…most noticeable in a quiet room but maybe interfering with my ability to comprehend deep voices, like my poor hubby’s - he was convinced I wasn’t paying attention when he spoke but then changed his tack and started saying I needed a hearing test. Both tests have come back normal but I’m not convinced. Maybe it fluctuates, maybe its my nervous system not doing its job properly. Good luck sorting this out, Blue Sky x

I had a free hearing test done too that I organised myself. Boots and specsavers do them Ax

Thanks so much for the support - will go for a hearing test as you suggest…

I just got the letter through (I asked to be cc-ed in) from the doc from my first neuro appointment, and he says my differential diagnoses are:

  1. Inflammatory/demyelinating disease of central nervous system (MS perhaps most likely)

  2. Hearing impairment and tinnitus unusual in this context, possibility of haemorrhagic vasculitic/angiitis/Susacs pathology raised.

  3. Some symptoms sugestive of additional functional overlay and anxiety…

Thought I’d add it on the end of this post, as it seems the hearing problems might suggest something else, which I know really nothing about - don’t know if anyone else here has any clues?

It’s a bit heavy seeing it all down on paper - seeing words like ‘spastic’ and other things is a bit of a shock. And just discovered that my lovely doc is leaving on Monday as he was just on 6 month rotation :frowning: so will have to see who I get next I guess… Moan moan - sorry will go ring a friend now and moan at them,


oh i hate to change doctors! I will be changing to my third neuro next week , i know how this sucks.

anyways i’m also having hearing changes right now… always had a bit of tinnitus in both ears and then i began having a loud one in my right ear only it became louder when it was noisy around me, weird right? this was the begining of my ms story. i’m undiagnosed yet but all my other sypmtoms started right after this tinnitus, it became a bit better this past month but this week after I had LP and steroid IVs it became loud again. and i also feel that i hear old sounds differentley, like they are in another frequency.

I did have a hearing test that showed a little bit of hering loss in high frequency but nothing serious according to the doc. we’ll see if it is related to my suspected ms later on.

well, good luck and get well!!