I went to see an healer last week and for me it as really helped with my walking, he show me how to walk better keeping my head up looking ahead rather than looking down when walking and to swing my arms not keeping by my side i dont feel so tired when walking now hopefully it will stop like this now i really enjoy walking where before it was exhausting, i know not everyone believes in healers but it was well worth the money for me.

Please dont take this the wrong way, but my MS physio tells me the exact same things every time she dishes out an exercise plan.

Theres no hands on head healing stuff done, just straight forward gait and walking exercises, and its free !



i believe in healing but…

i dont think thats what u experienced. from what u have said its just basic common sense/physio. which kind of healer was he claiming to be?



i bought some hiking poles when i was going to portmeirion (it has a lot of cobbles).

they are great and keep you upright looking forward not down.

my walking stick was making my back ache and the hiking poles don’t.

usually my longest jaunt is 200 yards to the co-op so i just use the stick.