Head says you can but ms says no

After being diagnosed 6 years ago I’ve found that the things I used to do with out thinking about now seem take more effort it’s as though my head is saying you can do this but my ms saying no. Is this a common problem or is it just me.

It’s a common problem. Many of us suffer from it. It’s the MS equivalent of your mind making promises your body can’t keep on dance floor. My head tells me a 2 mile walk is easy - I’ve walked a lot further than that. My body tells me not to be so daft after a fraction of the distance. That’s just one example of my mind and body disagreeing. I’m sure you have your own.

I am nearly 27 years into my MS and there are parts of my brain that still think everything is working fine , just get on with it. It is an interesting task to balance positivity with realism. Mick

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Yes when I do something that the brain and Ms seem to disagree with it’s the next day that my body tells me that Ms was right. But you still have to do these things because ms can’t take over your enjoyment of doing the things your brain says is good to do.

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H yes and at the moment I have apologised twice this week in b and q as a man tried to get past then a couple, my brain said move an nothing happened so I just said ‘Oops sorry, brain says move but there is a bit of delay moving my arse’.

It’s definitely not just you! See the size of the ‘Brain Fog’ thread for details… stuff which used to be second nature now takes a bit of thinking about and planning, and occasionally my body doesn’t play ball as expected… but hey ho, we’re still here…

The first time this happened to me was when my son’s under 12 football team were having a 5 a side match dad’s v son’s I went on thought I could still play like I was still 25 but ended up playing like a wounded garaf legs every where.

At least its not just me then, I was officially diagnosed and started Plegridy just 12 months ago (aged 25) but thinking and then processing take soo much effort and are often miles apart compared to each other! I do work hard (7 days a week) and no-one around me fully understands when the answers arnt instant or the jobs arnt all done in one day! This post just made me smile at fully understanding what you mean and there being other people that actually get it!

Been there, done that. My attitude is that I can live or I can exist. I know that “living” can leave me physically and mentally exhausted, but I’d rather have that than die of boredom.