head pain

Hi Guys, hope you are all keeping well. Just wondered if anyone get a like tension type pain at back of head something like when you have had your hair tied up tight all day. Hubby got me a kindle book reader for xmas and it when l am looking down that l feel it, seeing ms nurse next month will tell her. All so hip been pain full when l am layed down in bed ok when up and about l think my way of walking has changed again if you can call it walking.

On a lighter note 3 month old grandaughter rolled over for the first time made me smile.

Well take care all the sun is out hope it drys up some of that water down south.

Regards Jan xx

Hi, I myself have MS DX’d 7yrs now, anyway I get facial pain, dx’d with trigeminal neuralga (can’t spell) a month ago, my sister who is in limbo land gets exactly what you’re talking about she been told it is nerve pain and like me takes Gabepentin, hope this helps. x

I get this too if I lean on my face put head on hands my bones get sore after a while same with my hips etc. Neuro said it like the wires are faulty and if someone leans on me my body is trying to protect itself… So tells me I’m sore but not really. If I get going I forget about it not that I get going much just now. Well done to your granddaughter. She’s a quick learner. My daughter just covered my mums coffee table by hitting it with her cup letting it spray out she’s 10 months though. Good job grandmas are loving lol X