Head Injury

Hi to all, I went shopping on wednesday after dropping my pregnant daughter home. I went to car to bring in shopping so did my husband but he decided to Pull down the boot when my head was still their so ive ended up wiv massive Swelling on side of my head ive been loosing my balance since fell over on my Ankle keep going dizzy good job ive got docs thursday n plus having no feeling In my hands when i wake up n numbness n tingling ect. What do you think doc will say???. Dolphin500.

Should get this checked at a local hospital, or walk in centre. Doesn’ t just seem like a bump.


go get checked out before Thursday, could be nothing, could be a concussion, could just be a bump on the head. either way should get head injuries checked ASAP

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Hi to all, Thankyou for info. Dolphin500.

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