head cold

Hi, all not been out as l have head cold into its 10th day got some tablets from the hospital as they where worried my white blood cell wood be up go next hur for next cancer tablets it will be the 7th month if there give me them.

Well all take care wrap up warm ground frost here hope we don t get the snow or it makes me house bound.

regards Jan

Hello Jan.

It seems so unfair when we get something like a cold. As if we don’t have enough? In theory, we should be so hardened by our epic resistance to our chronic illness, a cold would be a piece of cake. But it isn’t. I’ve been beset all week by a bursting head and an outrageous cough. It will go away eventually. I hope you feel better soon. If you get a chance, read Melanie Reid’s column in The Times Saturday magazine. It gave me a wry smile…

Best wishes, Steve.

Hi Jan

Sorry to hear you have a head cold, everyone I speak to at the moment seems to have a cold, including me.

I wonder if it is because the weather has been milder and then suddenly turned cold? Frosty mornings and evenings at the moment for us, no snow, thank goodness.

Hope you feel better soon, take care and keep warm.

Pam x

Our whole family has been laid low with the dreaded cold, Iv’e tried desperately to avoid it because Rochelle needs me to help her with the babies, so far iv’e just had the odd sniffle and a slightly sore throat, so hopefully it has passed me by.

I hope that you feel better soon.

Michelle x